Changes Ahead: Graduate Life Begins

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At last, I am no longer a student. It’s a relief, and a scary introduction to THE REAL WORLD all at once. It also means some changes are coming, and as always, I like to keep you guys in the loop. So, let’s see what’s different, shall we?

Life Changes

Surprisingly, not a ton is changing on this front except for the fact that I now have a degree after SO MANY YEARS OF SCHOOL. It’s official. At last. I’m free of academics and ready to pursue what I want and it makes me feel so much happier.

Except I don’t have money to make any major moves, SO. Basically, this means a lot will be staying the same. I’m planning to job hunt in the area where my family already lives, with some forays into looking at where my extended family lives just in case, but the idea is to save up as much as I can before I have to be out totally on my own. It’s a resource I’m grateful to have, and one I don’t think I should pass up. It also means I might have a little more money free to put towards loans, which might help in paying them off faster, thank goodness.

That said, I still need to secure a job, especially because I have not, at this point, heard back from the program that waitlisted me, and should probably assume I didn’t get in. So, one thing at a time. And no major changes all at once, I suppose. It’s a little weird, since I know a lot of folks who are making major life changes after graduation, and it feels like I should be on their level too. The trick is remembering it’s not a race, though, and that a lot of those people making huge changes are people who have the financial resources readily available to help. Something I don’t have.

All in all, a lot is staying the same in my life until further notice. It’s just that now I have a degree. Woooo!


Blog Changes

And there’s some stuff in the works more directly on the blog. You’ll notice just a few little things changing in the time ahead.

First is a change I’ve already made: I’ve replaced TW (trigger warnings) with CW (content warnings) in all my reviews. That way, it’s not just potentially triggering subjects, but also subjects that some people might want to avoid when sharing with others. I’ve had someone thank me before for mentioning there was an on the page sex scene, because she had been unaware in another book, and had been listening to the audiobook in the car with her kid.

Second, there’s a tiny bio change! I’m no longer a student, but a grad. So my bio reflects that. Wooooo for tiny detail accuracy!

Third, I’m in the midst of cross-posting all my reviews to Amazon (I’m maybe a little behind), and it’s my aim to start cross-posting on B&N if reviewing books you haven’t bought directly is allowed.

And fourth, I’m going to attempt to post a little more often! I’m no longer juggling heaps of academic work, and even once I’m situated at an actual job, I’m hoping I won’t be nearly as pressed for time, leaving me with wiggle room to commit to the blog.


And that’s how these changes are going to shake out. It’s ultimately nothing major except for the fact that my academic career is over (a pretty major thing in itself I guess), but I figured I’d explain what the deal is and how things are going to be the slightest bit different now. Hopefully it’s at least a little bit as exciting for you as it is for me, and hopefully, I’ll still see you around! ❤️

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  1. Congrats again on completing your degree!! And just wait – the thing that’s right for you (even if it’s just ‘right for now’) will come your way soon!!

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