Weekly Wrap || June 8th

Weekly Wrap

Did I get my wish? Did time finally just chill the hell out and slow down? Well…

Nah, not really.

Life Beyond the Blog

It only seems like everything slowed down because slowed down. This week has been like trying to wade through molasses, though not in the worst ways. It just seems as if it can’t move fast enough, and yet I’m not sure I want it to. I’m balanced between feeling too slow and feeling like I’m not ready to dive back into the rat race again, and it’s kind of driving me up the walls. Maybe I just need to get out of the house and go do something?

On the plus side, I’ve begun my job search, found a very nice prospect close to home (fingers crossed!), and I’ll be going to my best friend’s wedding this evening, so yay for the pluses in life! On top of all that, I’ve also gotten a good bit of reading and writing done this week, so I can’t say I’ve been entirely unproductive. I have done things!

Just not enough to scratch the productivity itch, I guess. 😅

OH, and the latest Pokémon Direct was this week, and I have a new Pokémon that I desperately wish was real: Wooloo.


They’re fuzzy and lovely and perfect, and the information we’ve gotten so far says that they hate conflict so much that they just roll away like the cutest tumbleweeds you’ve ever seen to avoid it. Me too, little buddy. Me too.


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The Week Ahead

Hopefully, this week will be one for reading and getting a job. Hopefully. All I have control over really is the reading part and the submitting applications part, and whether or not I’m actually hired for anything is beyond my control. That said, I really, really have my fingers crossed because I need money and a job and also something to do with my time besides sit at home.

Next week, I’ll also be starting to formulate a plan for Camp NaNo! I’m torn between writing fic in July or doing revisions and more writing on past projects, so we’ll see what I decide on…


Anyway, I hope you’re having an excellent week, and that next week treats you well! And that the pacing of, well, life doesn’t feel as weird as it feels for me right now. See you around!

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