Weekly Wrap || June 29th

Weekly Wrap

What have I done this week besides empty my spam queue of poker-related bot comments and read like a fiend in an attempt to catch up on my reviews before their post dates roll around? Take a look below the cut to find out!

Life Beyond the Blog

Mostly, I’ve done nothing. I’ve spent the week feeling kind of junky because of some health stuff (it’ll clear up, no worries, it’s just irritating and puts me out of sorts), so it’s been a little slow. And there’s nothing new on the job front, unlike last week, so…eh. Slow again, I think is the term for it.

And at the same time, I planted flowers this week, read a bunch of books (my brain…is so full of words…help…), and replayed Super Mario Sunshine with my little sister, so yay for that! Can’t go wrong with good books and good video games, right?

Bonus: in a turn of events that shocks no one but my poor, poor wallet, I got new flowers for bookstagram props because Michael’s had a huge sale. Sorry, wallet. It was for a visually appealing cause.

OH, and I finished my July bullet journal and it’s TAZ: Balance themed! I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, given that I’m not exactly an artistic champion, and I’ll probably post some pictures to Twitter soon. Each week represents a different arc of the campaign, with the first three arcs jammed into my house-keeping type pages, and the cover page is the IPRE logo, modified to say JULY instead!


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

If I had to guess? More reading! I’m still working through a backlog of books, not to mention my slightly over the top BookOutlet summer sale haul (I…got 25 books…shout-out to those graduation gift cards?), so the sooner I trim down my TBR, the better. Plus, I’m going to try and make some shelves with my dad’s help this weekend. That way, I can at least get my judgy-looking TBR stack off the floor and onto something a little more respectable (though perhaps more threatening? who knows).


Hopefully your week is as good or even better than mine, and I’ll see you all around! ❤️

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