Weekly Wrap || July 6th

Weekly Wrap

I’ve come to the conclusion this week that I’m cursed to live in a pendulum of “TOO MUCH TOO MUCH” and “please hurry up and do something I’m begging you,” and honestly?

I’d like a refund. Who do I talk to?

Life Beyond the Blog

This week has been the biggest book slump EVER. I read SO MUCH last month, and now it’s the 6th and I haven’t even cracked a single cover, let alone finished reading anything. I also haven’t found any more publishing-related jobs that allow for remote work (I cannot afford NYC, publishing, please humor me and stop requiring me to live near you), and I had the bright idea to try getting back into art.

Lemme tell you, when you really need a win and some instant gratification, just a little, to give you a boost, DO NOT GO FOR ART. It takes time and patience, and while the eventual results can be super rewarding, it’s not fast.

Apparently, I just need something FAST right now? Oof.


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead


Appointments, interviews, a need to actually read things so the blog doesn’t have a totally empty dead week, massive cleaning in the basement, and more!!

It sounds like a bad commercial that’s going to also tell me I need to pay $9.99 shipping and handling just to get through it all, now that I think about it…

But somehow I’m going to get through it. I’ll get over this reading slump (one book at a time! just one at a time!), and with any luck, I’ll be closer to a job offer than ever. It’s really a matter of sitting down and getting things down (as always), and I’ll manage somehow. Wish me luck!


I hope your week’s been kind to you, and that next week has good things in store. See you around!

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