Weekly Wrap || July 27th

Weekly Wrap

After the internet went down last weekend, I was STRANDED. LOST. LEFT ADRIFT IN A SEA OF BOREDOM, WAITING ONLY FOR THE END…

No, I did not read a book. Turns out I am deep in a reading slump, and not even the internet being down can change that.

But that does mean today, you get two Weekly Wraps for the price of one. Amazing! What a deal!

Life Beyond the Blog

Well, last Saturday morning, the internet went out, so if you’re wondering exactly how this ended up as a two for one special, THERE YOU GO!

It was out until late Sunday afternoon, and honestly, that was the most FRUSTRATING THING besides the reading slump I’ve been in for the last two weeks. And the rejections from jobs I’ve applied to. And the impending sense of doom that’s coming from student loans creeping over the horizon.

Okay, so maybe it hasn’t been the best two weeks?

But on the plus side, I have discovered some new shows to watch, I’ve poured out over 10k into some characters I didn’t know I’d fall in love with so hard, and the littlest bun was a STAR at her vet visit. Three different vet techs came in to coo at her, and the vet baby talked her a little bit too. She really is just that cute.

Oh, and I now have SHARK SHEETS. My aunt decided sending my birthday present along a month early was entirely acceptable, so she got me shark sheets and a shark bedding set. The pillows are ADORABLE and comfy, and I can’t wait to wash the duvet cover, get that plastic packing smell out, so I can get it on my bed. There’s no such thing as too much sharks, folks. No such thing.

And I suppose one other notable thing has happened this week: I finally worked up the courage to ask my parents if our insurance covers therapy. My mental health is not in a particularly amazing place, and I’m at the point where I’m ready to admit I need help, but it’s still hard. My family is very iffy on mental illness, and while I think they’re trying to be supportive, what they think is supportive tends to make me feel worse (you know, the classic “quit worrying about it” and “it’s all in your head” and more). So nothing is 100% in motion yet (still have to find out if therapy is covered, then find a therapist, then actually start going to therapy), but it feels like a huge first step. Like, really huge. I don’t think the anxiety of talking to my parents about it has gone away, and we had that conversation early in the week. Oof.


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The Week Ahead

PANIC. July is ending, I’m still job hunting (send me all your good job vibes, it’s been a time), and I’m waaaaaaayyy behind on my TBR because of that slump. It’s frustrating all around, and I want to be back on track, want to feel productive again, like I haven’t since super early in the month.

I’ve got the productivity itch and have to scratch it, basically, and hopefully filling out applications and hoping for the best while working on the blog will do it. And hey, maybe I’ll even break this reading slump! That would be super ideal. Convenient, too.

Other than that, though, I can’t say I have anything specific in mind. OH, besides taking my Friday off to watch the new season of She-Ra, but that’s pretty much small potatoes next to getting the rest of my life on track. So we’ll see what happens, huh?


I’ll see you all around this week, and hopefully, no one loses internet again!

Please. I couldn’t take another round of that.

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