Weekly Wrap || August 3rd

Weekly Wrap

It’s August! The birthday month is here! My favorite podcast is wrapping up its current arc! I have a stack of books judging me deeply for not pulling out of this book slump faster!

We’re kind of kicking it all off with a bang, I guess?

Life Beyond the Blog

SO MUCH. Like I said, the birthday month has officially begun, which is exciting but also making me a little antsy because I STILL HAVE TO WAIT ALMOST THREE WEEKS and I have to choose a birthday dinner ahead of time. Not sure which one is harder, tbh.

AND like I already said, TAZ Amnesty is winding to a close (we’re in the home stretch) and I am WOEFULLY UNDERPREPARED for this to end. I think Griffin McElroy is essentially going to reach through time and space to stab me in the heart with a butter knife, and it will be a long, slow, emotional death. One I saw coming. One I completely accept if only my absolute favorite characters get happy endings.

Yes, I’ve already made a mental list of which characters are most likely to bite it for maximum storytelling impact, why do you ask?

On top of that, I’ve conquered my book slump (sorta), and I’m getting closer to getting a job (I think). Things are slowly looking up, and I’m slowly getting things back in an order I can tolerate. One piece at a time, I suppose!


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

INTENSELY SCHEDULED EVERYTHING. I have a boatload of appointments to stick to (including getting a haircut at a new place; send good vibes that I picked somewhere that won’t make my hair into a disaster), and I need to read SO MUCH. I have a stack of ARCs to get through, photos to take for Instagram (which is, incidentally, only showing me posts from about 2-3 days ago and starting to really, really irritate me), and just a general sense of GET IT DONE pressure hanging over me. It’s coinciding with the itch to actually do things, which means I’m not overwhelmed yet, but it still is…a lot. Very much.

I’m starting to realize I think I metaphorically unhinge my jaw at the beginning of every month to bite off far more than I can chew, but I JUST KEEP CHEWING.

Oh, and my library copy of Oathbringer should arrive this week! Which is a monstrous beast of a book and cannot be renewed because it’s being borrowed through the inter-library loan system!

I suppose you’ll just have to tune in next week to see if I’ve overcommitted myself, as per usual? Oh dear.


Here’s hoping this week has been kind to you, and that next week is even better (and hopefully less chaotic than my week). See you around!

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