Weekly Wrap || August 17th

Weekly Wrap

How are we over halfway through August already? Somehow, this is worse than summer break ending, because this is the first summer I won’t go back to school at the end of, and WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

Life Beyond the Blog

Seriously, I’m a little hung up on the no school thing. Feels good! But feels WEIRD! Not sure what I’m going to do with myself except work and work some more because student loans are scary and terrible!

And speaking of work, at least I’ve managed to survive my first week at the new job! I don’t have total confidence yet (lol, as IF that could ever come in just a week), but I do feel at least a little better about tackling the things I’m supposed to do. Not to mention I’m feeling super crafty because of work, which is a problem only because I have NO TIME for crafts. I have books to read and a blog to update and stuff to write! Lots of things to do, never enough time to do it!

Basically, this week wasn’t really too much new besides work. Me freaking out about the relentless passage of time is pretty par for the course, huh?

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

This coming week is THE BIRTHDAY WEEK. I’ll have to work, and it turns out I have therapy on my birthday (a present for my brain, I guess?), BUT. It is still the birthday week, which means I get to choose what’s for dinner on Wednesday, and I’ll probably end up with a new book or two on my shelves. My mom might have thought I was joking when I said turning me loose in B&N would be a great gift, but I meant it. Hand me money and let me go, please. Just release me into my natural habitat, where the books are.

I’m also hoping (but not planning, because I’m still learning how to navigate having a job and keeping up on blogging and writing and personal downtime) to get some writing done this week on a project I’ve perhaps put off longer than I should have. With any luck, I’ll make some strides on my days off. It’s a project that will probably amount to 40k, so I can’t do it in a week, but I can at least take out a chunk of it if I really try hard. Maybe 5-10k? We’ll see!

And on top of that, maybe I’ll finally set up a Feedly to help me with blog hopping. I still haven’t done that but really want to try it…

So that’s my week in a nutshell. I hope yours has been kind to you, and I’ll see you around!

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