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Birthday Round (2)2: Electric Boogaloo

22nd Birthday.png

I’ve survived another whirl around the sun AT LAST, and it’s time to CELEBRATE. Break out your confetti cannons and streamers and your willingness to party by actually spending a quiet night in, because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. πŸŽ‰

So, what’s up this year?

The answer is a big, BIG shrug emoji.

Yeah, basically no one will tell me what we’re doing this evening, so I am TOTALLY IN THE DARK about my own birthday celebrations. Normally, I also don’t like surprises very much, but my family knows that about me, and I can at least trust them to make my birthday a good surprise (and honestly, I’m hoping the surprise is just my mom following through on my wish for “here’s some money for B&N, take the car, go nuts” lol).

Also, we’re having tacos for dinner. Not a surprise, but a definite positive to the day!

And in other positives, my birthday gift to myself (on top of a little splurge on a video game, shhh) is another visit to the therapist! I know therapy takes time to really help out and change things, but I’m so ready to get the ball rolling. My brain needs to be better in a lot of ways, so many ways, and this is the step I’ve got to take. So happy birthday, brain!

Basically, this is shaping up to a be a pretty good birthday, and it hasn’t really properly started yet, given that it’s still only morning.

Plus, I’ve already gotten a couple gifts from friends and family that make me super happy. My aunt sent my gift last month (she gets excited when she finds birthday gifts and can never wait for the actual birthday πŸ˜‚), and it turned out to be a new set of shark sheets and shark throw pillows and a shark duvet cover, so I’m very nearly covered in the shark department save for shark PJs, which have to exist somewhere, I’d swear it. And then I got a birthday box from my brain twin, Áine, that was loaded with TAZ related goodies and fun socks and a pretty new journal!

So that’s where we’re at after another long, long year of existing. More sharks, more TAZ, hopefully more books, and tacos on the horizon. Have I grown wiser this year? Maybe, maybe not. Am I different than I was a year ago? I mean, probably?

But I don’t have to get existential on my birthday. I have books and BIRTHDAY ACTIVITY ANTICIPATION to enjoy while it lasts! And I need to find a place to put that Pine Guard patch. Hmmmm…

Starting 22 with the important decisions, y’know!

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