Top 5 Tuesday || Series I Need to Finish

Top 5 Tuesday

A new month means new Top 5 Tuesday prompts, and as ever, Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm Blog has delivered only the finest quality prompts! Even if those fine quality prompts show just how behind on my TBR I really am…

Might as well own up to it, though! Here are the top five series I really should get around to finishing up!

The Craft Sequence by Max Gladstone

This has been on my Kindle for THREE YEARS, ever since I saw a sale for the omnibus of the Craft Sequence (sans The Ruin of Angels), and DAMMIT, it’s time I read this! I read Three Parts Dead four years ago and it’s still stuck with me because of how jaw-dropping the ending was, and I’m eager to finally go back!


Rise of the Empress Series by Julie C. Dao

I read FoaTL, but I need to get my hands on KotBP, hopefully in time for SotCF! Julie’s style really seemed to fit for a fairy tale retelling, even for a retelling that focused on the evil queen instead of the usual princess heroine, and I want to dive back into her prose ASAP!


The Inkworld Series by Cornelia Funke

Fun fact: I have never finished Inkdeath. Every single time I start this series, I get stuck at the end of Inkspell or at the beginning of Inkdeath, and it’s frustrating as hell. One day, though! One day I’ll find out how this story ends!


The Song of the Current Duology by Sarah Tolcser


This will probably be fixed soon since I recently got a copy of Whisper of the Tide, but I have to know how this duology closes out! The first book has enemies to lovers and snark and secret royalty, and I loved every minute of it. Fingers crossed Whisper of the Tide can deliver!


The Daevabad Trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty


While I didn’t adore The City of Brass, I still want to find out how this trilogy pans out, so I suppose I’ll have to get The Kingdom of Copper soon, then sit on my hands and patiently wait for The Empire of Gold. Hopefully the series closes with more emotion and action than it started, but we’ll just have to wait and see, huh?


And there you have it! My TBR in part laid bare! Maybe a little bit of public admission will get me in gear to just FINISH READING THESE…

But what series do you still have on your plate?

21 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday || Series I Need to Finish

  1. Rise of the Empress and The Daevabad are high up on my TBR and have been there so long I’m a bit ashamed of it.
    With as much as I adore the Inkworld trilogy, you’d think I’d remember the second two books a little better but I always just re-read Inkheart. I can say that I do remember enjoying the last book but I’m super biased as the Inkworld is one of my favorite things ever.

  2. I’ve wanted to read the Inkworld series ever since I saw the movie Inkheart forever ago. I finally got the first two books from a used book store a few weeks ago and can’t wait to get to them. Great post!

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