Weekly Wrap || October 5th

Weekly Wrap

Spooky season is here, there was actually a book tour stop near me this week, and prep for the blog move is inching forward! Seems like this week has had A LOT going on…

Life Beyond the Blog

Actually, biggest of all in my eyes is that my vet has approved my rabbit for surgery. We discovered that Moo had a lump on her belly, and after some tests, the vet determined it’s an aggressive mass that has to be removed. Thankfully, despite her old age, Moo is all clear for surgery (provided a chest x-ray doesn’t change things the day of the surgery), and I’m so relieved this is moving quickly. She’s EIGHT (not that you’d guess given how active and energetic she is), and this lump has had me super worried, since she’s my healthiest, heartiest rabbit. Plus, she’s terrified of the vet, and even if it gets us some very cute pictures and extra cuddles, I still want this to be as quick and painless for her as possible.

Bunny matters aside, important as they may be, there’s also the Fierce Reads tour stop I went to this week! Katy Rose Pool, L.L. McKinney, Margaret Owen, and Sara Faring were at Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor, and there were a delight to listen to! I have a recap of the tour stop going up next Tuesday, and hopefully I’ll have book reviews to go with at some point soon. Those, though, are a little dependent on…

The blog revamp! I’ll post about what you can expect when the details are concrete, but it’s beginning to look like the switch to self-hosted and a new name and theme will happen in early November (oh geez, during NaNoWriMo, did I really think this through?)! I’m so excited about this change, and I really hope you all like the direction the blog goes in. There’s also going to be a giveaway around that time, so keep your eyes peeled, especially around Twitter…


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

It’s NaNo prep season, when I’m not getting ready for the blog move or Moo’s surgery. It’s also spooky season, which is putting a big damper on things. Sometimes, I feel like the only person who doesn’t like Halloween, but I just…don’t. Tbh there’s some childhood issues there to unpack about why, but we’re not gonna dig into that. Instead, we’re gonna ignore spooky season as much as we can, embrace the oncoming sweater weather, and hope I can figure out this #@*!ing outline for NaNo. The monsters and motorcycles and bees are not cooperating in forming a cohesive plot, so I need to sit and think hard, and maybe force them all into one metaphorical room until they can cooperate to my liking.

They’ll do it eventually, or I’ll push them all into NaNo with minimal prep. Their choice. We’ll see how it shakes out.


So, that’s where my week is at. Hope yours has been good to you, and that you’ve got something to look forward to in the week ahead!

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