Weekly Wrap || October 12th

Weekly Wrap

We’re at the close of another week, and somehow, not everything has blown up in my face. Nice!

Life Beyond the Blog

Really, though, it’s been a good week. Moo had her surgery on Wednesday, and she’s recovering beautifully. It took her only a day to be back to thumping at us when we offend her (she’s a very opinionated bunny, you see), and though she’s on strict exercise restrictions so she doesn’t pull her stitches, she’s been so eager to get out of her pen and run around again. A couple more days and she’ll be able to, but her impatience is SO REAL.

Of course, we’ll get the biopsy results on the mass that was removed next week, so that might not be good news, but until then, all we can do is be pleased that Moo is doing so well after such a big surgery so late in her life.

Also in good news, I finished some writing I’ve been stalling on since…well, forever, which allows me to move forward on my projects and devote more time to the creative work ahead, namely my NaNoWriMo project! It’s taking shape slowly, with lots of bees involved on top of everything else. Not where I originally imagined it going, but it’s adding some great layers!

And of course, it’s HOCKEY SEASON ONCE MORE. I love sitting down for a hockey game, even if I’m also remembering why this is the most STRESSFUL sport to watch. At least my home team is doing better this year than they were at the same point last year! What a relief.


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The Week Ahead

Tragically, the week ahead is mostly work. I ended up scheduled for a ton of hours next week, second only to the managers, and I won’t have very much free time. I’ll still try to squeeze in some reading and writing, but the fact of the matter is that work is going to take up a ton of my time. 😞

BUT I’m hoping some of those spare moments will be for refining my NaNo project, which is always a sunny spot in my day. I’ve picked up some books on beekeeping from the library for research (excuse me, beesearch) purposes, and I love my characters so much that it’s already a joy to shape their stories.


I hope this week has been kind to you, and that the week ahead has more wonderful things in store. See you around!

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