Friday for Funsies || Bookish Merch

Friday for Funsies

The second best thing in the world next to books is probably cute animals. The third best thing, though, is bookish merch, which is the star of today’s post (much to the irritation of my bunnies, who demand their own limelight; maybe another day)!

The possibilities at this point are pretty limitless, but here’s a spotlight on some of the coolest kinds of merch around, plus some places to get it from small time creators! Hide your wallet away now if you’re not here to get unreasonably tempted…

Enamel Pins

One of my personal favorite kinds of merch, enamel pins are SO MUCH FUN. They’re great for showcasing different art styles, but they’re also versatile! You can hang them on a display for decoration, use them as bookstagram props, wear them on jacket lapels, or stick them into bags to show your bookish favorites off!

Joy Addict — Brio and Brandish — Caticorn Ivy


Pin Displays

Hand in hand with enamel pins, pin displays are also pretty great! You can go the DIY route like I did, or you can shop around to buy one that suits your style! Either way, they’re super nifty, and it’s a cool way to keep all your pins visible instead of lying in a jumble in a jewelry box.

Spellbound Designs Co. — Pin in the Hoop — Created by Rae



Ever a classic, and useful for most bookworms, bookmarks are great for repping bookish fandoms or even just a love of reading. Plus, so many of them are RIDICULOUSLY PRETTY. Props to all the designers out there making them! It makes me wish I used bookmarks more. (I’m the read it in one sitting or else memorize the page number type, oops…)

Oak and Fable Designs — Bigger Print — The Bookly Crafts


Book Sleeves

Now, maybe I’m biased because make book sleeves, but these are another super cool type of bookish merch! Available in so many styles and sizes, they’re useful for protecting your books (or journals, or tablets), and they’re also just super pretty! Again, they also make great bookstagram props.

Trim & Thread — Book Burrow UK — Book Gizmo

(And if you’d like to support yours truly in book sleeve making, keep an eye out for an announcement on the blog within the next month or so…)



I’m not as familiar with the candle scene after four years living in dorms that were super strict about any open flame, but they’re still an awesome kind of merch! Whether they’re meant to smell like a particular character or setting, the combinations are basically endless at this point, and they look so pretty even when they’re not actively burning. I actually have a Shades of Magic candle that I ADORE even though I keep forgetting to actually use it! 😂

Gillywick Goods — Wordy Wick Candles — Ruthless Heroines


Tea and Coffee

We have to stay awake for just one more chapter, right? Bookish teas and coffees are a fun and tasty way to do that! Just be good to yourselves and don’t stay up too late, okay?

Becca’s Little BoutiqueNovel Tea Tins — Literary Tea Company



Enamel pins can dress up a jacket or a bag, but sometimes, something a little more subtle or formal is in order. Bookish jewelry, while on the more expensive end, can be a great way to do this! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, you name it, they’re all fun ways of decorating in the bookish spirit.

Book’d — Elissa J Designs — Bookish Adventures



Okay, this one breaks the mold a little, but what are books (and what’s book blogging in particular) without good notebooks? Whether it’s to track which books you’ve read, your notes on your reads, or to write for yourself, notebooks are basically a staple for most book lovers, myself included. You can get some just for your generic love of reading, or you can find some inspired by the books you love!

Bookish StuffWhirling WorldLiterary Lodge


So, what’s your favorite kind of bookish merch? Have I missed anything really good on here? And is there a creator whose work you want more people to know about? A book you think deserves more merch? Let’s chat!

4 thoughts on “Friday for Funsies || Bookish Merch

  1. My favourites are bookmarks and book sleeves! You can never have enough bookmarks and book sleeves are just the best thing in the world. I don’t want a single crease in my book, ok??

    What I don’t really like is bookish clothing, like a scarf or something. I just think they’re kinda weird.

    1. Gotta keep those books tidy!! I totally understand.

      Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of bookish clothing either, not unless it still looks nice and the bookish part of it is a nice bonus if anyone recognizes it.

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