Weekly Wrap || October 26th

Weekly Wrap

Can anything this week top my new handmade shark pajamas? No.

Are we going to take a look at the rest of the week anyways? Well, yeah!

Life Beyond the Blog

I’m not kidding about the shark PJs. Seriously, look at these!

I goofed and accidentally made one leg half an inch longer than the other, BUT you can’t tell when I’m wearing them, and they’re otherwise perfectly cozy and covered in sharks, which makes them top notch. They’re in the laundry as I write this post, too, so I can wear them tonight. Basically, they’re the highlight of my week.Β πŸ’™

Otherwise, my week has been…admittedly dull. Reading has slowed down as my work schedule has picked up, and I’m trying to juggle that and blog stuff with just existing, so it’s a little exhausting. I want to say I’ll be back to a balanced state soon, but NaNoWriMo begins less than a week from now, which means I won’t know peace until December, and it’s entirely my own fault. πŸ˜‚


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead


Truly, there’s nothing like the sudden realization that NaNo is less than a week away and DAMMIT, I committed to this again! Really, I love it, though, and I’m super excited for this year’s project (which you can actually learn more about next week)! The bees are gonna be so good. So magical.

Next week is also release week for Luigi’s Mansion 3, and it is a CRIME that I’ve been scheduled to close on Halloween and open the store the day after. My scaredy-cat ghostbusting has been delayed until Friday evening (y’know, when I’m supposed to start doing NaNo things), and I’m UPSET. But also absurdly excited because LUIGI’S MANSION 3!

Somewhere in here, I need to finish my NaNo prep, read more books so I don’t have to squeeze them in in November, and, uh, especially prioritize the library holds that suddenly came in Thursday afternoon. Oh dear. Send help?


I hope your week has been good to you, and that the week ahead is maybe less chaotic than my own! See you around!

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