Weekly Wrap || November 2nd

Weekly Wrap

NaNo has started and I basically have no life now. What’s up?

Life Beyond the Blog

Lol, I’m already in my early NaNo funk. The first 1.2k I drafted yesterday would disgrace the dumpster I set it on fire in, and I know it’s my own fault for not finishing (read: even finding time to START) an outline, not to mention failing to get around to actual doing that beekeeping research I went to the library for and everything. I am painfully frustrated with myself, and even though I suspect I’ll be back on track by the end of the month, this is one of the rockier starts I’ve had for NaNo. All the words feel clunky, I feel like an absolute sham for claiming I can actually write, and it’s also possible I’m just emotional and hangry. Happens more often than I’d like to admit. Makes me harder on myself than I’d like to admit.

Other than prepping for NaNo by not really doing the prep I knew I needed to do (if you see past me around, give them a good kick in the ass for being such a damn procrastinator), this week has been frantic blog catch-up, another thing I meant to do before NaNo. I have a ton of posts I could have had drafted before yesterday and simply…didn’t get them done, so now I’m trying to balance them with writing. It’s hard, I kinda feel like tearing my hair out, and by the end of today, I’m somehow angling to have 4,150 words for NaNo, at least two blog posts, and a book and a half read.

Which means I definitely have not started playing Luigi’s Mansion. Which was delivered on Halloween. Which I’ve been looking forward to for ages.

I’m a ball of procrastination in the worst way, and if someone wants to save me from myself, that would be GREAT. 😩


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The Week Ahead

It’s NaNo and work only, tbh. I desperately want to stay on track this month, and it’s going to require a hell of a lot of discipline from me, more than I can usually muster. Good practice, I guess?

Also, I’m getting a haircut, so yay for doing things that need to be done?

Seriously, though, beyond that, I’m not looking at a particularly intense schedule. NaNo and my hours on the clock put enough on my plate without adding anything else. And as much as I’d like to get around to playing Luigi’s Mansion (listen, I’M UPSET that I haven’t had time for it at the time of writing this), I know I’ve got to budget my time wisely, and that’s one of the things that can feasibly be cut.


Hopefully you’ve had a good week (one that hasn’t been as full of procrastination as my own?), and even more important, I hope you have a good week ahead. See you around!

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