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Weekly Wrap || November 9th

Weekly Wrap

Even with the pressures of NaNoWriMo and holiday retail starting to kick into gear, we’ve managed to make it a week and some into November! Can we keep this up?

Life Beyond the Blog

The answer is no, we can’t keep this up, if only because this has also entailed getting sick. 😩 I felt a little out of it Wednesday night, but by Thursday morning, the “you’re sick for no discernible reason, enjoy your steaming pile of congestion and fatigue” train had plowed through and knocked me over. Friday was a little more bearable, but trying to work when you’re low on all forms of mental and physical energy is ROUGH.

Still, I made it, I’m here, and I haven’t keeled over yet. I guess we’ll call it a victory for now?

On the plus side, this week also saw me beat Luigi’s Mansion 3 (which, other than the final boss fight, was honestly a perfect game!), and it’s put us less than a week away from the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Did I cave and preorder the dual pack and guide over the summer? I sure did. Is my wallet mad at me? It sure is. Do I get to play Pokémon in a week and fall in love with all the new ones? YES, and that’s what counts!

And I have to mention NaNo, too! Despite a rocky start that’s mostly my own fault (lol I really screwed up in the pre-planning department), things are starting to smooth out. I think I still need to try some scenes in first person instead of third, or try third present instead of third past, but I’m gradually rediscovering some sort of thread that’s going to keep this from becoming a total wreck. Check back on Wednesday for details on how that’s going, though!


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The Week Ahead

What do NaNo and part-time retail have in common? For one, they both feel ENDLESS.

Next week is all about making sure I can get my words in for NaNo, but also leaving myself enough energy to survive three eight-hour shifts in a row, something I haven’t done before. If I worked somewhere that wasn’t so customer service oriented, maybe I wouldn’t be so nervous about it, but I know myself well enough to be able to say that those three shifts are going to to leave me pretty wiped out. Unfortunately, they also coincide with the release of Sword and Shield, so I can’t even say for sure if Pokémon is on the docket just yet, as much as I want it to be.

We’ll just have to play my free time by ear, and maybe Sunday and Wednesday, my days off, will be double down days for NaNo. If I can get a good stretch ahead on my word count, I won’t feel too guilty about taking some time away from writing to indulge myself in video games. Wish me luck, because tbh, I think I’m going to need it.


So that’s it for this week! I hope you’ve had a good week, and I’ll see you around!

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