Weekly Wrap || November 16th

Weekly Wrap

I feel like I can’t remember anything else that happened this week because I just poured my entire heart and soul into starting Pokémon Sword yesterday.

Tbh, I don’t have any regrets.

Life Beyond the Blog

Seriously. Leading up to Friday, my brain was flipping between OMG NANO and OMG SWORD AND SHIELD with absolutely no consistency at all. And then Friday?

Yes, I did sit in my living room waiting for the mail truck to arrive, and yes, I did sprint out the door and risk an icy wipeout the second it pulled up to the mailbox. Why do you ask?

But right now (and I say this with confidence: this post is publishing while I’m at work, so I can’t POSSIBLY be playing Sword and changing anything), I have a team that consists of Raboot, Boltund, Drednaw, Thievul, Dubwool, and Corvisquire. As I get a chance to play more, though, I’m hoping to end up with Cinderace, Dragapult, Frosmoth, Runerigus, Flapple, and Ribombee.  Yes, that’s two Dragon types and two Ghost types on one team, but I have a BRAND and NONE OF YOU CAN STOP ME. 🐉👻

Other than Pokémon, though, it really has been a slow week, alternating between NaNoWriMo and work and one internship application I’ve got my fingers crossed for but don’t want to say too much about until there’s some movement on it, for better or for worse. Especially because the site I applied through is giving me the impression that my application went through AND that it got all screwed up simultaneously. 😖 How can my app be submitted as of three days ago but also listed as in progress?


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

It’s more NaNo and more Pokémon! I feel like I’m going to be a broken record until the end of November, but this is genuinely what my schedule is shaping up to be. Without time for anything else in my life, I have to pick two things outside of work, and these are it. So bear with me while my life isn’t exciting and the blog isn’t exploding, and hopefully, we’ll come out the other side with something interesting to share!


I hope you’ve had a great week, and that next week is even better. See you around!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || November 16th

  1. I feel you.. I’ve been so sluggish this week XD
    all that I had been doing was literally just playing graveyard keeper, and then all I did yesterday was playing sims 4 University 🙃 I haven’t bought Shield yet- but at soon as the urge to play it will hit, i’d buy it!

    Now here I am scrattling my brain (while playing graveyard keeper still, *aherm*) to get post ideas for sunday & monday 🙈 ahaha woops.

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