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Weekly Wrap || November 23rd

Weekly Wrap

Another week down in November, and one more to go! I’d say that’s some progress, even if it was inevitable.

Life Beyond the Blog

It feels a little boring to say it, but once again, my life is work, NaNo, and Pokémon. Plus some sleep thrown in there for good measure.

Holiday retail and self-imposed writing deadlines/word counts really do a number on my free time, no matter how much I try to carve out. I’m weeks behind on multiple shows (it’s KILLING ME to be so far behind on The Good Place 😭), and I have a pile of books that keeps growing taller because I don’t have time for reading. Speaking of which, to my shiny new copy of The Never Tilting World: stress purchases are real, and even though I can’t read you right away, I will read you soon. I think.

Really, I’m spending most of my energy prepping for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Today, in fact, I have to spend with family as an early holiday deal (because of travel schedules), and I’m bracing myself for it, since this side of the family tends to leave me exhausted on all levels. Then we do it again next Thursday, and THEN I work my first ever retail Black Friday shift. It’s going to be eight hours of pure chaos and I am sooooooo not ready. Any and all tips for surviving the hot mess that Black Friday tends to be are appreciated, because I only have so many spoons to offer it before I can’t do it anymore. And I work another eight hour shift the next day. 😩


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Like I said, we’re talking Thanksgiving and Black Friday, plus the home stretch of NaNoWriMo. Basically ALL of my free time is spoken for, and I’m doing what I can to get through it. Hopefully, though, this means I’ll be able to come back and interact a little more fully with folks in the blogging world soon, because this isolation by no free time is THE PITS.

While I’m on the wishful thinking track, hopefully my wages go up soon and I don’t have to work as often. If I say it, it’ll come true, right?

Other than that, I’m going to take it one day at a time, and maybe next time we meet, I’ll have something more exciting to share than “well, I went to work.”


Hope your week’s been good to you, and that the holidays treat you well! See you around!

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  1. I hope Black Friday goes ok for you! I worked it one year in retail and it was actually pretty slow, I think a lot of people go online now.

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