Weekly Wrap || December 7th

Weekly Wrap

Good things about being sick? The two days off of work taken by doctor’s orders, and my parents don’t want me doing the dishes like I usually do.

Bad things about being sick? I’ve slept three consecutive hours or more only once in the last 72 hours, and I’ll never scrub the taste of cough medicine from my mouth.

Still weighing the pros and cons of this tbh.

Life Beyond the Blog

Besides being sick this week (guys, avoid getting sick if you’re able because this SUCKS), it’s actually been a really great week! On Wednesday, I finally got to meet Kelly Coon at Totem Books (I’m part of her street team, her Skeleton Crew, so I absolutely HAD to go), and I also was gifted a couple books I hadn’t been expecting, which is always a plus. Apparently, my luck is at an all time high, for the low low cost of sneezing out my brains and getting no more than an hour or two of sleep at a time. 🤧

Other than that, though, nothing has really happened. The early portion of the week was stolen by work, and since Thursday morning, everything has been sneeze, rinse, repeat, so I can’t say anything especially exciting has happened. Hell, I had to postpone writing my tour recap, so look for that next Friday even though I meant to have it up yesterday.


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The Week Ahead

For one, I’m hoping the coming week won’t leave me as sick. Between rest under doctor’s orders and medicine that actually lets me get more sleep than I have been, I want to be FREE of this nonsense. I’m also hoping that, if it clears up enough, I’ll have the time and energy to finish my tie blanket with Christmas sharks, truly the best gift I will have ever given myself.

Seriously, do you see this fleece? It’s the best fleece ever. I’m going to have the best blanket once I’m done, and you can’t change my mind.

But besides getting better and finishing my glorious shark masterpiece, I’ve got very little on the agenda. All I really have to do right now is survive holiday retail and whatever bug I’ve managed to catch. I’m asking simple things, right?


I hope your week has been good to you (and filled with fewer health frustrations than my own), and I’ll see you around!

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