Weekly Wrap || December 14th

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My shark blanket is COMPLETE, so you can tell what I really care about this week.

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Seriously, the shark blanket is done and it is GLORIOUS.

We’re talking two layers of fleece in a cozy, no-sew sandwich, and now it’s the most festive thing in my room (plus, no one can accuse me of being a Grinch, because this counts as decorating for the holidays)! I’m so in love with it, and I’m very pleased that it didn’t take me long at all, or even cost me that much, since I bought the fabric during a huge sale.

Beyond the wonders of the Christmas sharks, though, I’ve managed to get back into some reading, write a few thousand words of stuff that’ll never see the light (but it’s okay because it was fun), and I finished my Christmas shopping. Except for my dad. Who still has not learned that “nothing” is not an acceptable answer to “What do you want for Christmas?” Whatever, he’s getting coal. Or a jar with a “nothing” label. HE SEALED HIS FATE.

And on top of all that, this week, my ACNL village had a big spike pattern to the Stalk Market, so I made a nice profit on those pixel turnips. A small surprise, in the grand scheme of things, but is there anything nicer than realizing those turnips are about to pay out?

(The answer is yes. Your favorite villager moving into your town is better. Dotty, where are you?)


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The Week Ahead


I’ve got to wrap presents, work (ugh, that never changes), make some booksleeves, write some good words, and somehow not lose my head in the process. And that’s not even counting the holiday baking that I think will be this week. That happens at my mother’s whims, though, so there’s no telling exactly when I’m going to be summoned to cut out and decorate a bazillion cookies. It’s a time-consuming mystery, so I have to get things done and be prepared for anything!!

So if you couldn’t tell, next week is gonna absolutely kick my ass. But since I’m riding high on my finished shark blanket AND I at least have some cool ideas for those good good words I’ve got to write, maybe I can ride this out.

Oh, and it might help if I read a book or two somewhere in there. I’ve got January ARCs to stay on top of. 😬



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