Weekly Wrap || December 21st

Weekly Wrap

It’s officially winter, even though we’ve already had snow and ice and all the general chilliness that comes with the season! So let’s do a quick recap of the last week of fall, then dive into all the cozy blankets because WHY, COLD, WHY…

Life Beyond the Blog

Do I sound like a broken record if I say life beyond the blog is on the boring side? Because it is. I’m caught in jaws of family holiday prep and retail holiday crush until the end of the year probably, and it is EXHAUSTING. I’ve slept until almost noon four times this week, which I haven’t done since…summer 2018, if I had to guess. Why did no one warn me this would be so exhausting?

Or maybe someone did. If you did, I’m sorry I didn’t listen because wow. WOW. I’m dying a little bit over here.

Because of the immense holiday pressure, I haven’t had much of a chance to read or write or even burn my brain out on video games like I normally would, and I’m itching for a chance to really truly wind down and relax. Hopefully soon, huh?


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

It’s Christmas! Well, Wednesday is. And I still have to work next week. πŸ˜’ One day, I will be free of retail, and things are going to feel much, much better. But as it stands, I plan to spend next week surviving the last minute holiday madness, and to hopefully not get caught in the middle of the kitchen when the inevitable arguments about who’s doing dinner and when and how begin.

Guys, holidays are STRESSFUL. Why is this the most wonderful time of the year?

If I’m lucky, though, I’ll try and carve out some time for myself to work on booksleeves and writing. I need some time to myself more than anything right now, and I’m ready to fight tooth and nail to get it.


Hopefully your holiday season is moving along with less stress than my own, and I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing week ahead!

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