Weekly Wrap || December 28th

Weekly Wrap

This is it!  The last Weekly Wrap of the year, and moreover, the decade! Which also means it’s definitely time for your regularly scheduled freak out about the relentless passage of time.

Life Beyond the Blog

The only really major THING in life right now is that my family has just celebrated Christmas (and is doing it again as you read this, probably; family Christmas round two!), and that means I’m coming to terms with the fact that I feel like an adult? I asked for Tupperware and a new laundry hamper and GOT THEM and was THRILLED.

Holy hell, I think that’s what being an adult is. Someone help me.

My brother also got me two Neil Gaiman books, wrapped them, DUCT TAPED THEM, and then wrapped them again, if you’re wondering what kind of person he is. And my parents got me a pre-order of the new Animal Crossing, so overall, I am a very happy camper. And who knows, maybe my extended family will give me more books. I never say no to more books.

Other than that, it’s been nice and slow, perfect for the holidays. Work is at last easing up, since the Christmas rush is over, and I’m finding time to do things I love again (sort of, when I’m not taking a nap instead). Is it the most exciting existence? No. But is it peaceful right now? Absolutely.


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Next week is surprisingly…empty? I’m the unlucky sucker whose hours were cut next week (lol @ the higher ups cutting hours of those of us working minimum wage so they can get bonuses), so I effectively have a five day vacation. Ideally, I’m going to spend it playing video games, filling out job applications, and making booksleeves, and hopefully those booksleeves will pad the hit my paycheck is going to take.

Of course, next week is also the start of 2020 (cue screaming, go ahead, get it out of your system), so I’m also planning to finally make some strides on the blog move! I know I’ve been talking about it for months, but there’s been some factors beyond my control. They’re close to being sorted, though, as far as I can tell, and I’m BEYOND EXCITED to share the results with you!


I’ll see you for one more wrap on the 31st, and then it’s on to 2020! Happy New Year, folks!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || December 28th

  1. That sounds like a really nice Christmas! 🙂 (I got a small emaille milk can and was extremely happy about it. I think as an adult we are happy about those things because we actually know now that we have to buy all those utensils we need on a daily basis ourselves. 😀 )
    It’s quite opposite for me – they cut down my (paid) vacation days and I’m really pissed about it. But hey. No sense in moping about something you cannot change, right? I hope you enjoy your free time nonetheless. 🙂

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