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Listen, even if this year’s resolutions didn’t go so swimmingly, we’re headed toward a whole new year, and more importantly, a whole new decade! We might as well set some goals worth achieving, and see how it shakes out in the new year, right?

So here’s where I hope The Words Gremlin is going, and a little bit about where we’ve been.

Last Year’s Resolutions

I had some reasonably simply goals last year, and given my track record with achieving my resolutions (it’s…admittedly rather poor), the fact that I took steps on some of my goals is a huge improvement. Baby steps are better than no steps, after all!

Last year, I had four goals: write more discussion posts, blog hop more often, provide more blogging resources, and go self-hosted. Of the four, I think I did best with doing more discussions, and even then, it’s still something I can improve on. I like discussions, I like engaging with other book bloggers, and I like standing on my big ol’ soapbox and chattering. Really, I could stand to have some more discussions in 2020, too!

Blog hopping and providing resources, though, kind of tanked. Between the home stretch of my college career, and the effort it’s taken just to find a job, let alone search for one that suits me better than part-time retail, I don’t have as much time as I thought I would, and I’m ashamed to say neither one of these went particularly well. It’ll be worth revisiting them in the new year, though, as I finally feel like I have my feet under me to some degree.

Finally, self-hosting. That holy grail I wasn’t sure if I’d get a chance to pursue. Good news is, I’ll be moving to a self-hosted blog some time in the early new year! I’ve prepared my redesign and rebranding (it’s so much FUN and appeals so much to my fantasy-loving, D&D-playing heart), and a friend of mine is working on new graphics for maximum blog fun and cohesion!

Really, the only reason I haven’t already finished the move to self-hosted is because there are a few more steps to take that are out of my hands, and that’s okay. I’d rather take my time with it all than charge ahead and find a hundred piddly problems to fix that wouldn’t have been an issue if I weren’t rushing.

Altogether, I’d say that’s a score of 1.5/4, which isn’t…stellar, but it’s not a solid zero! Woooo! And frankly, what I have achieved wasn’t even initially part of my resolutions, so it’s not as if I’ve let the blog lie idle. I managed to break 300 views on a post in one day in November, I have over 350 follows, and I’ve started making some contacts to make my ARC reviewing habits all the more fun (and dangerous re: deadlines lol)! Those things weren’t originally part of the plan, but why pretend they didn’t happen? They’re worth celebrating!


2020 Resolutions

This is why we’re all really here, though: what’s next on The Words Gremlin? The short answer is that there’s A LOT, mostly to do with that self-hosting move. I’ll share a post about what you can specifically expect (maybe even with some fun sneak preview images) when we’re about a week out from beginning the move, and just to give you a fun hint now, part of the move is going to include a brand new name! Some time in 2020, this blog won’t be The Words Gremlin anymore (although I suppose it always will be in my heart). Instead, it’s going to be something a little more bookish and on brand, and I’m excited to share it with you when the time comes!

But here is a list of the resolutions I want to double down on for 2020.

Blog hop moreLike I said, my goal to blog hop more often has really fallen through because I didn’t plan appropriately for all the time management I was going to need. Now that I have a better sense of how work and the blog and everything else impact my life and my energy levels, though, we’re going to try this again! I’m also going to craft a schedule for my blog hopping in an effort to keep it on track. Helps to know how you’ll keep your resolutions!

Write more discussion postsAs I said above, discussions are really fun to read and write, and I sure as hell like sharing them with you all! To include more of them on the blog would be lots of fun, and I think this will be an easier resolution to keep that ball rolling on.

Finish the move to self-hosted. Admittedly, this one feels pretty inevitable, since I’ve already gotten about halfway through the preparations, but let’s be honest: it’ll feel good to check it off my list of resolutions anyway. One more thing complete! Heck yeah!

Read 75 books. One of the easiest resolutions I have, considering that I surged past 100 books this year with a goal of 50! It would be extra good to not have to use Goodreads to track this, but for my own sanity, I think I will.

Reach 500 followers on the blog. I already crossed 500 on Twitter and I’m getting there on Insta, but I really would like to see more followers here throughout the new year. Gaining about 150 in a year seems doable, I think?


So there you have it! 2020 on the soon-to-be-formerly-known-as The Words Gremlin! I really feel strongly about these goals, and I hope you’ll stick around to see them come to fruition. Or flop, because let’s be honest: that’s a possibility. I can’t do everything, even when the productivity goblins up in my brain try to convince me I can.

And while you’re here, tell me: what are your 2020 resolutions, blogging or otherwise?

6 thoughts on “2020, Here We Come! || Blog Resolutions

  1. WOAH! You have such great blogging goals for this year, I’m impressed <3 And well, good luck with the self-hosting goal because that's gonna be huge change but maybe for the better 😀

  2. baby steps are indeed better than no steps, and it’s definitely understandable that blogging had to take a bit of a backseat as your IRL demands increased! self-hosting is still a bit of a pipe dream for me, but I’m super excited for you – and to see your new design 😉

    it sounds like 2020 has strong potential to be your year! I wish you only good things 💕

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