Monthly Wrap || December 2019

Monthly Wrap

There’s a corny joke in here about how it’s the last monthly wrap of the decade, and rest assured, I will not chase the joke.

I will, however, fill you in on ALL the December happenings here on The Words Gremlin! (Relax, there’s not too many. It’s actually an easy way to finish things up!)

Life Beyond the Blog

For most of the month, holiday retail took up my time. Really, right up until Christmas, I was either at work, or at home resting so that work wouldn’t wear me out completely. With only a few scattered days off, plus a bout of illness in the first week, this December has not been the pinnacle of activity on this blog or beyond it.

And yet things have still happened! Some progress has been made on the blog move (more on that soon, I think)! I broke in my new bujo! I made a blanket with sharks in Christmas sweaters on it! I played lots of Pokémon! I kept thinking about my NaNoWriMo project even though I need to step away from it and come back later for best results!

Basically, life isn’t at a total stall. I certainly wish more was happening that wasn’t related to work, and I can’t say I did anything 100% knock your socks off exciting, but you know what? I’m here. I made it to the end of December, I have plans for 2020, and that’s about all I could really ask for.

Oh, and a bunch of my dream villagers moved into my ACNL town. Hello, Dotty, Molly, and Deirdre! Hopefully I’ll see them again in ACNH. Which I did get a preorder of for Christmas and can’t WAIT to play! 💚


Books Read and Reviewed

All things considered, I didn’t read much this month. I finished ProphecyA Dream So Dark, and The Alchemists of Loom, but didn’t actually get around to any of the ARCs I had my eye on. I think it’s because of the holidays and the accompanying retail rush, but it’s also possible that I just haven’t been in the right space to read this entire month. A bit of a shame, really, but that’s okay all the same.


Next Month’s Reads

Now we’re getting down to business. Ideally, I’ll get through Ashlords and The Best of Elizabeth Bear in ARC form, as well as my pre-ordered copy of Hand on the Wall, and maybe Blood Water Paint. Anything else from there will be a nice bonus while I’m working on…secret things. 😉


My Top Three Posts

Tempting as it may be to give you my top posts from this YEAR, we’ll just stick to this month, keep it nice and easy. Not doing any more work than we have to, that’s the mood for the new year!

1. Kelly Coon at Totem Books Recap

2. Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review

3. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power S4 Review


Favorites From Around the Blogging World

As always, the best part of this wrap! Check out the posts that really made a mark this month.

Jess @ Crowing About Books talks about how we define YA!

Anniek @ Anniek’s Library shares 50 of her most anticipated LGBTQ+ 2020 releases!

Consu @ Paper Eyed Girl shines the spotlight on trans books by trans authors!

CW @ The Quiet Pond helms the adorable and honestly super practical #StartOnYourShelfathon with the help of lovely sloth friend Castor!

Kal @ Reader Voracious brings us the Holy Grail of spreadsheets: the 2020 Book Blogger/Reader Spreadsheet Template!


Happy New Year, everyone! I’ll be seeing you around in 2020 with some exciting news and content, and I wish you all the best in the year ahead. 💜

8 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap || December 2019

  1. new bujos and NaNo projects are super fun! “I’m here. I made it to the end of December, I have plans for 2020, and that’s about all I could really ask for” could’ve been my motto going into this year, so you’re totally not alone 💕

    1. They are very fun! Lots to share soon with the bujo, too. It made me want to do a post about how it helps keep my blogging on track!

      And man, for real. I’m glad it’s not just me, and I hope we all catch a break this coming year.

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