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Happy New Year…and Happy Hiatus?

Words Gremlin Hiatus

It’s sooner than I expected to announce this, but The Words Gremlin is going on a brief hiatus in order to move to self-hosting AND to complete rebranding!

That’s right. When we come back in a couple weeks, we won’t be The Words Gremlin anymore. 😱

But here’s the whole scoop, so it’s less scary and more fun.


Starting today, the 4th, the blog will be accessible, but no new content will be posted until the new blog goes live. Ideally, that little feature is supposed to roll out on January 18th, complete with a guide to the revamped blog so nobody’s feeling too lost, including myself.

And never fear! I’ll be setting up a redirect so that even if you forget (or for folks who miss this notice altogether), trying to visit The Words Gremlin will just send you to the new URL without breaking a sweat. No work on your end! Whoa!


Well, that’s still a fun secret! Mostly! 😉 I’ll share the new blog title once I have the finished graphics to go with it, and make sure the transition from Words Gremlin to [REDACTED] is super visible. I’ll be changing my handle on Twitter and Insta to reflect this too! Plus a new info thread on Twitter, and probably some profile pic changes. It’ll be hard to miss it once it’s out tbh.


In addition to my usual Twitter/Insta/blog platforms, I’ll also be setting up a couple key new places to interface. One will be a Ko-Fi, in case you like my content enough to toss a couple bucks my way. I considered a Patreon, but for my own monthly well-being, I decided against it. That may be putting too much on my plate for now.

You’ll also be able to find me on Etsy, another reason I decided against Patreon! I’ve been making booksleeves in preparation for this moment, and the shop is likely to go live either with or shortly after the new blog (depending on how much time I have to put stock together, which is in turn dependent on my retail hours). The very latest I’ll launch my Etsy will be two weeks after launching the blog, but hopefully it won’t come to that!


Because I can? Because The Words Gremlin doesn’t feel very cohesive in branding right now? Because I want to spice things up for the new year and the new dang decade?

Mostly just because. Indulge me. Once you see the new theme, you’ll see why I’m so stinking excited about it, and hopefully you’ll stop asking “why?” and start asking “why not?”

So there you have it, the quick and secret-filled explanation for this hiatus! When the dust settles, I hope you’ll join me for some exciting new features and fun new content. And also booksleeves. You have no idea how much FUN I have had with these sleeves!

15 thoughts on “Happy New Year…and Happy Hiatus?

  1. Super excited and happy for you! All the best with the move and can’t wait to see all the new content once you come back from hiatus <3

  2. honestly I don’t have a ton to say except !!!!!!!!!!

    sounds like you’ve been (and probably will continue to be) pretty busy, so I’m sending you good vibes that everything goes as smoothly as possible and I am super excited to see what you’ve been up to!

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