The Wednesday Pen || An Introduction

Wednesday Pen banner, showing a feather quill with a scribble of ink

Welcome to the Wednesday Pen!

Built to replace Writing Wednesday, the Wednesday Pen is a blend of new and the old and written word. I spend so much time talking about reading that I sometimes neglect writing, and this will (hopefully) serve as a counter to that habit!

This month, I’m only introducing you to the bare bones intent of the topic. What with the redesign and other factors, writing has not been my primary focus through January. In the months to come, though, I plan to push it closer to the forefront, which means more to share!

So, what can you expect?

Writing Progress

The Wednesday Pen is going to be a monthly check-in, broken into weekly progress (where applicable). In a good writing month, there will be a separate section for each week I’ve written something. In a rougher month, I may only summarize the overall progress instead. Either way, it’ll be a way for me to share and reflect on how much writing I’ve gotten done. All things considered, I’m hoping it makes me a little more accountable with all my WIPs.

Writing Goals

I’ll also share new goals as they arise. Finish drafting X WIP by Y date? Hit 50k words by mid-July? Revise that one scene that’s giving me trouble, or write the outline for that WIP I’ve been stalling on? You may not get the exact details of these goals, but you’ll get to see a vague shade of what I’m working on, along with the follow-up.

This won’t be reserved for new WIPs, either, so if there’s something I’ve written in the past that piqued your interest, this is the type of post where it’ll come back!

WIP Fragments

Similar to my NaNoWriMo posts (which will live on, come November!), I may occasionally introduce new characters or share some favorite line. Truthfully, aesthetics might be on the table too, depending on how badly I’m avoiding writing. 😂 It’ll be a fun way to share more about my work without giving too much away, and it’ll be a nice break from making the words go, which is hard.

Craft Talk

I’m no expert, but now and again, I think it’ll be worth talking about the craft rather than the projects. Writing is so multi-faceted, and the steps we all talk to make our work better vary widely. Craft talks, if they appear, will be posted at any Wednesday in the month rather than just the final Wednesday. I haven’t nailed down any topics just yet, and don’t expect to for a couple months, but the idea is stewing.

February Goals

By the 26th next month, I have one goal: finish writing a series of short stories for a project I’m heavily invested in. Final word count will be anywhere from 20k to 40k words depending on how involved I get, but it’s the simplest and most overdue thing on my project list. Since I’m planning to open the H&WR Etsy shortly, simple is the name of the game. More complex projects will wait their turn.


So I’ll see you next month, writing progress in hand! The Wednesday Pen is on!

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