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Weekly Wrap || February 1st, 2020

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February 1st, 2020

How it’s already February is completely beyond me, but it’s time for a Weekly Wrap nonetheless! We’re not covering anything too groundbreaking, but it’s nice to pull the week to a close all the same.

Life Beyond the Blog

Honestly, most of what you need to know is wrapped up in yesterday’s Monthly Wrap post. My life is the blog, and the blog is my life.

But if you want the extra detail, who am I to say no? This week, beyond blog maintenance and Etsy prep, I got sick (AGAIN, someone put me out of my misery), read three books, and drafted so many blog posts. So many. The bright side of being sick is that I end up home with no energy for anything too intense. It leads to a lot of reading and writing because that’s so low impact on my mind and body when I feel at my worst.

Sadly, though, this week didn’t reward me with another shiny Pokémon while playing Pokémon Sword. If only every week did that…

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

It’s going to be another week of…you guessed it…reading! With the Pondathon in full swing (you’ll notice I keep linking to it; that’s because I highly recommend joining in!), I’m doing my best to keep up with the rest of Team Xiaolong and add my share of points to the defense of the Pond! Of course, it can’t be just reading, so we’ll throw in some book sleeve production to the mix.

That’s actually an important one. I had planned to open my Etsy this week, but between illness and some other stressors, it didn’t happen. I had to convince myself to let it go another week, just for my own well-being, and I think it was the right choice. Barring more troubles this week, I’m hoping you should see a link to the shop by the time the next wrap rolls around!

My week hasn’t been especially exciting, but it’s had its rewards. How about yours, though? I hope you’ve had an excellent week, and that there are even better things to come! 💙

2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || February 1st, 2020

  1. I’m the exact same ahah apart of the blog and work; nothing really happens 🙃

    I hope you’re feeling better! As most of the time i’m with awful headaches when I don’t feel good, reading is out of the way … so i’m mostly playing stardew xD ahaha Have fun with the Pondathon, and good luck opening your etsy xx hoping you won’t meet too too many complications!

    1. It’s just so time-consuming ugh

      I’m getting there! Not at 100%, but I’ll worry about it later. And yeah, sometimes reading is hard, but Stardew is soooooo easy haha.

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