Weekly Wrap || March 14th, 2020

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March 14th, 2020

Truly everything is happening so much, which means we’ll try to keep this Weekly Wrap short and sweet.

Life Beyond the Blog

Feels like life right now is watching COVID-19 news with gradually growing anxiety, especially as someone working in retail. I’ve accomplished very little despite days off this week, between a bout of nasty insomnia and concern about COVID-19 transmissions hanging over my head. I know there’s little I can do besides keep washing my hands, sanitizing my phone, and just generally practicing good hygiene to lower transmission, but it does concern me, especially after so little sleep. Also? Trying not to touch my face is a hard habit to break.

But I am trying to find positive things to anchor around, and I’m at least pleased to say that Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: DX has been a delight this week. It brings everything I love about the original games, but with lots of mechanics improvements. Also, the graphics have this lovely storybook quality about them. I’m utterly charmed by it, and so grateful it released when it did. Plus, Animal Crossing comes out next Friday, so I have that to cling to. I can’t wait to start terraforming my island and bringing in all my favorite villagers!

To my beloved ACNL town, though: I’m stretched thin. It’s possible next week we may part as I move to the island… 😔 #FoxcrossForever

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The Week Ahead

For once, I really don’t know what lies ahead. At the moment, my job is still ongoing (such are the joys of retail) despite having a staff and customer base that are often 65+ and visibly in the high risk category for COVID-19. This, of course, doesn’t account for folks with asthma or other immunocompromised folks who aren’t visibly at risk. It’s very frustrating, and it makes me very nervous, because my area still hasn’t figured out the “stay home” part of things. And corporate is pushing massive coupons and doorbusters without even a whisper of what happens if staff gets sick. As things stand, I probably won’t get any paid sick leave if I have to quarantine.

So we’re playing it by ear. There’s little else that I can do besides be ready to stay in for two weeks should worst come to worst. I have books, I can probably call about having Animal Crossing mailed rather than picking it up from the store, and that’s about it that I really have to be on top of. What else is there to do?


Really, that’s all for this week. I wish you all the best, and hope you find yourself healthy in the coming weeks. Wash your hands, stay in touch with friends even if you can’t see them, and check local health department advice once a day if the news is overwhelming. See you around. 💛

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || March 14th, 2020

  1. This virus is having me so anxious aswell.. mainly because both of my parents (that I live with) are at risk- mom due to a kidney transplant, and dad has asthma. I’m so bad with not touching my face too !!! ARHG 😂 Though i’m still working for now aswell, our next step is closing – we don’t accept cash, we closed the inside of our café and we’re now drive thru only (which we are starting to losing money.. as we are pretty DEAD)

    Hopefully this nightmare for us anxious person will be over soon ❤️ it’s just a matter of people actually listening to the staying home notice and hopefully it shall get up from there..
    I’ve been playing so many Mystery Dungeon aswell ! ahaha oh my. Though now it wierdly make me sleepy every time im turning it on xd (i’m also stuck on the sky tower… erh.)

    1. Oh man, that sounds like it makes it extra hard for you. I hope you all stay safe and healthy, though! And best of luck with the work situation. My area has transitioned to drive through only, but I’m wondering how long it’ll last before a total shutdown. And how long it’ll take people to get the hint and just stay home.

      Sky Tower can honestly be tough! I recommend being at least level 40 or so, and if you have a team member packing Ice Beam, that’s your friend. All Power Up, All Protect, and All Dodge orbs are also super helpful, as is the Notorious Healing quality in the dungeon itself. If I recall correctly, you’re on your own in the fight, though, because I couldn’t get any Pokemon to join me in the dungeon (probably since it’s the last of the main story).

      1. Yourself and eevee are locked- oh man, i’m barely level 40… crap! I think im 34/35? 👀 I actually don’t remember xD

        So far we are all healthy! Government just gave the state of emergency now- hoping we’ll close.. that’d be just in time for New Horizon! ahaha 🙈

        1. Shoot for 40, level grind if you have to, and pick a strategic third member! I brought my Absol, but I also had Squirtle and Ice Beam as my partner to rely on.

          I mean, if quarantine comes with time for ACNH, that’s a bright spot!

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