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Weekly Wrap || April 11th, 2020

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April 11th, 2020

I would swear I was just writing last Saturday’s Weekly Wrap, so how the hell are we back here again? Who let time slip the leash? Who do I need to have words with?

At least this aggressive time slip means I can be short and sweet this week, and let you all get on with your lives. 🤷

Life Beyond the Blog

Well, I spent three days this week telling myself I would draft blog posts, and then spent three days doing…not that. And on Thursday, I spent entire day engrossed by USA’s Psych marathon. Can I ever resist the power of a mystery show?

Probably not.

I’ve also thought of at least two new ideas for embroidery projects, have not finished the most recent one I started, and discovered that very few places are shipping embroidery floss right now. The drama is mounting. Maybe I should finish my current project, but shiny new ideas are powerful, folks. Lemme stitch the cool new thing, universe. It’s so good. It’s so good.

Other than that, I’m not sure where the time went. All I know is that I accomplished precisely nothing, and that I need to change that before my brain starts getting to be a mean little menace about it.

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Another mystery. I lost a whole week to the mysteries of the flow of time. Who’s to say it won’t happen again?

If we’re being optimistic, though, I want to read and write this week. The stay-at-home order has made it a lot harder for me to feel like a functional human being, and I need to trick myself into some…productivity.

I know, I know! Dirty word right now! And frankly, I don’t expect anyone else to be productive right now, because it’s hard. But for my own sake, I need to be. It’s a simple matter of making my brain feel like it’s actually useful, unless I want to end up a mopey, self-deprecating blob under three blankets and a depressing personal storm cloud.

So, productivity attempt #???, here we come!


I’ll get back to you guys next week on how well this productivity quest goes. I’m…not going to hold my breath for an amazing outcome, but hey, who knows? Maybe I’ll trick my brain so well that I get done everything everNever say I’m not ambitious.

Whatever the outcome, though, I’ll see you around, and I wish you well! 💛

2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || April 11th, 2020

  1. I know right? I keep telling myself that I need to draft posts and somehow it is two days later that I remember what I meant to be doing. I’m still going to and from work, so I can get out some, but it isn’t the same. I haven’t watched psych in ages!!

    1. It’s so easy to be caught up in this weird time vacuum, honestly. I’m glad you get out a little bit, though! That’s a good thing, even though it’s not the same as it was.

      Haha, yeah, USA is running whole seasons right now! Wednesdays and Thursdays for the next three weeks or so! 💚

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