Weekly Wrap || May 23rd, 2020

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May 23rd, 2020

Last week, there was no Weekly Wrap. Of course, that means we’re going for a double wrap this time around! Is there enough here for one of those, though?

I’ll have to let you be the judge of that.

Life Beyond the Blog

Remembering what I’ve done in the last 24 hours, let alone the last two weeks, is honestly tough. I think all of my spare brain cells have just flown off into the distance for some kind of summer vacation they don’t intend to come back from. Still, a few things stick out. For one, I’ve managed to make a good cluster of masks for friends and family, with plans to make a few more. There’s not a ton I can control right now, but it certainly helps to do this much.

I’m also juggling video games at the moment. I want to continue terraforming my ACNH island, since inspiration for that recently struck, and I’m trying to fill the holes in my Sword Pokédex before the DLC releases next month! It gives me something to focus on that’s altogether pleasant, and has the vague feeling of a checklist, which is so satisfying. Love me a checklist.

I’ve also slowly been dipping back into reading. I wish I had more time for it around work, but as it is, I’m gradually digging into my waiting ARC pile. Not sure how I’m going to tackle one ARC, though. I wished for it way back when, it published in April, and just yesterday, my wish was granted? Very strange, and I’m torn on whether or not I want to review it.

Knowing me and my desire to reach a 100% ratio on NetGalley? I’ll probably review it anyway.

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

We’ll see how it goes. My state finally lifts its stay at home order this Thursday, and since I work retail, I’m going to be in the thick of it right away. Truthfully, it makes me nervous, because I suspect the first customers we’ll have will also be the most demanding and dismissive. All the kind customers will probably continue to use curbside pickup or they’ll simply stay home.

But I still have bills to pay and I’ll have to face it. Around that, I’m going to finish making masks for friends and family, and I’m hoping to make some more video game progress. Reading’s on the docket as well, since this pile of ARCs is starting to get to me. The sooner I narrow it down, the better.

I’d like to write as well, but I won’t count on it. I have plenty on my plate without adding that, as much as I want to make some creative strides. There’s only so much I can do, and I have to accept that.


And that’s it for this Weekly Wrap! I hope you’re having an excellent week, and that good things are ahead for you in the next. 💛

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