Weekly Wrap || August 15th, 2020

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August 15th, 2020

Somehow, despite bringing an entire blog back from hiatus, it feels like I haven’t done anything over the last couple weeks. Of course, that’s what I write each Weekly Wrap for: not just to show you what I’ve been up to, but to remind my brain that we did do things!

Life Beyond the Blog

Not among the things we did this week, though, is reading. I’ll freely admit that I’ve been in something of a slump since the end of July, only picking up pages at a time without actually finishing a book.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been lazing around, though! Is it a slump if you’re so busy doing other things that there’s simply no time to read? (Yes, I could solve this problem with audiobooks. Except my brain likes to fight with audio books and simply not listen. Tragic, really.)

The long and short of it is that I’ve been practicing my long and short stitch. This week has been largely dedicated to embroidery, because I do absolutely nothing by halves, and coming back from hiatus here has also meant developing an embroidery Insta/Etsy on the side. Do I have any chill whatsoever? Absolutely not. Not even a little.

So far, though, I’m wildly excited about the journey ahead, and stitching like a fiend so I have some things to share! You might not be here for the stitching, but I really hope you’ll hang around for the ride. After all, I’m planning to do some bookish things at some point. 😉

Beyond that, it’s been a bit routine. I’m putting together a few more posts for August and early September around my current work schedule, and I’m inching my way toward a completed desk. Plus, I’ve been daydreaming about moving across the country, but that’s neither here nor there (nor productive, to tell the truth, but it’s very fun sometimes).

Maybe this week doesn’t make for the most unique Weekly Wrap, but it’s an honest one. 😌

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Here’s where it’s going to get exciting: I might be changing things up at work soon. It’s going to throw the biggest wrench into my schedule, but if all goes well, it’s also going to be a major change for the better! I have my fingers crossed about three times over, and hopefully I can tell you more by the end of the month. 😬

That thrilling wrinkle aside, it’s time for stitching and reading! I think I’m going to have most of my blog work close to tidy for the month by the end of tomorrow night, leaving me free to do whatever I think ought to come next. What with my embroidery plans, that means lots of stitching and pattern brainstorming, but it’ll also mean taking some time to sit and read in peace. The perks of a week with four days off, right?

And how could I forget? Next Friday, the 21st, is also my birthday! I’m not planning anything special, since I’m not a huge celebratory person, but I did ask my parents for a cookie cake again. What can I say? I’ve got one hell of a sweet tooth, and it’ll be my birthday. I think it’s perfectly sensible to ask for a cookie cake. 🎈😊


That’s all for this Weekly Wrap! I hope you’re having a good week, and that I’ll see you around over the course of the next. Stay safe, friends, and read well! 💛

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    1. SOON (I mean, hopefully). Probably not in the Weekly Wrap this Saturday, but quite likely in the one on the 27th. I think.

    1. THANK YOU, DESTINY!! 💗💗💗 No word on the work changes yet, but today’s starting off great otherwise!! 😊

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