Weekly Wrap || August 22nd

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August 22nd

The Weekly Wrap right after a birthday is bound to be cheerful, isn’t it? Good thing this wrap is exactly that!

Life Beyond the Blog

Like I said, this is the wrap after my birthday (which was yesterday), and plenty has happened! For one, my sister got me the cutest little gift, and I’m so excited to plop it on my desk once that’s done. Look at this!

It’s a little corny, but I really, really like it. Plus, it’s personalized to me from her on the other faces, so it’s just a wholesome little cube. 🥰

I also got that cookie cake I was hoping for (chocolate chip, naturally), and my parents got me OwlCrate’s upcoming Addie La Rue box, which is going to be SO WORTH IT even though I have to wait for October to get it!

(And my gift from the universe was a single white hair. According to my mom, she started finding white hairs around 23, so it’s not stress white so much as it is genetics. Should be fun? Maybe it’ll be easier to dye my hair new colors?)

Gifts aside, though, I got to spend the day doing next to nothing, just like I’d planned to do. It was incredibly relaxing, and I needed the break from any sense of responsibility. Just one day to completely chill out worked wonders. Really, I should do it more often. Once a week, maybe?

As for the week overall, though, I spent it angling towards work changes (more on that next week!) and sewing. That shirt I considered working on yesterday is all cut out, and since I managed to get tomorrow off of work, it’ll be time to sew it up! I’m really excited to see how that turns out, since I’ve never sewn a shirt before. The pattern looks relatively straightforward at least, so hopefully I won’t get too lost?

In short, this week is full up with a bit of silliness, a bit of dedicated ambition, and a bit of do-nothin’ relaxation. I don’t think I could have asked for more!

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The Week Ahead

Busy, busy, busy! I feel remarkably energized lately, and even though it’s not producing all the results I want, it means I’m making tracks on important things. The top priority things this week, though, will be stitching and writing. I’ve got some gifts I want to finish and send by Saturday, and I’m going to give them my all so they’re ready to roll out ASAP. Plus, sending them is a good way to support the post office right now, so that’s even better!

More specifically, though, I hope to finish four hoops this week. That’s…particularly ambitious, but the results are stunning, at least in my head. One of them is bookish, too, so keep an eye out for that one…


Overall, the week’s proved itself a wonderful one, and I hope you’ve had a similarly good time. I’ll see you next week with more updates, and I wish you all the good things in the meantime! 💛

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || August 22nd

  1. Aww happy late birthday 💛💛

    Aw, i wish I hit the energy bug too- but at last, i’m growing more tired xd good thing that in few hours, after im done my workday, im back in vacation!! 👌🏼 But I have nothing planned at all. Which one of us shall stay with dad as he’s getting a surgery- so we’ll see..

    1. Thank you, Kristina! 💛

      I hope you get your much needed time off and that your dad’s surgery goes smoothly!! Sounds like could really use a chance to kick back and relax.

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