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Weekly Wrap || September 12th, 2020

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September 12th, 2020

Today is not so much a Weekly Wrap so much as it is a two for one special! See, last week, there wasn’t a wrap at all due to my topsy-turvy life schedule moving at warp speed. Now, though? Now there’s time to sit back, relax, and do a quick recap of everything that’s happened over the last couple weeks.

Life Beyond the Blog

I think the most important thing I can do is finally share the news I’ve been waiting on for a few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s a bummer, not a cause for balloons and confetti and what have you. In August, I interviewed for a job that was potentially a career-starter, and a far cry from the retail position I hold now. At the time, I felt like the interview went well, and that I had a solid chance.

This week, though, I received a form rejection and learned I didn’t get the job. To tell the truth, I had my suspicions (thanks, anxiety, for not letting me get my hopes up too high), but it’s still a little heartbreaking. I trusted maybe a hair too much that I had it in the bag, and watching it fall apart on me stings a fair bit. There will be other opportunities, sure, but this one was the closest, and by far the most exciting one I’ve had in a long time.

On a brighter note, however, my dad and I have made fresh progress on my desk! We ended up gluing pieces together in order to make the desktop thick enough, and our efforts have yielded exactly what we needed. The next step is to machine the glued pieces into the right size in shape (really, it’s just a trim, not a full-blown cut), and after that, we can move on to assembling the drawers! I’m trying not to imagine it done by the end of the month, since progress has been so slow this far, but…I really hope we have it done by the end of the month. 👀

Other than that, I’ve seen a relatively relaxing couple weeks. Not too much has rocked the boat, and there aren’t any big celebrations to be had, but that’s all right. I’d rather take change in my life one or two little pieces at a time, you know?

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The Week Ahead

We’ll see what next week holds. My work schedule is slightly different than usual, leaving me less time to do my own thing. Typically, I need part of the day after a work day to get my spoons back. If I work more than one day in a row, I end up requiring a full day or more, just for those pesky, limited spoons.

(Imagine, having enough spoons to work more, whether it’s at my job or on my own projects. Feels like a pipe dream. 😔)

BUT, I have some structure ahead of me. I know which blog posts need polishing. I have a settled TBR, despite my itch to mood read. And I have options for non-bookish activities so I don’t tempt another round of burn-out. If all goes well, I’ll managed to read two or three books next week, and maybe stitch another hoop or two. Plus, I both need and WANT to deep clean my room, so if nothing else, I’ll do that. It’s a remarkably good way to put my anxiety at bay!


Anyhow, tune in next Saturday to see what I’ve managed to accomplish (and what I’ve heaped on my plate for the rest of the month)! With any luck, it’ll be anything but boring. And maybe, if I’m smart, it’ll even be productive!

See you all around! 💛

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    1. Here’s hoping! I’m really bummed this one didn’t pan out, but I’m not going to stop looking for a new opportunity. 😔

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