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Would You Rather Tag

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Between being out of school for a long while, and the global pandemic, it’s been a while since I’ve played a party game.

And what party game is more fun than a good round of Would You Rather? Thankfully, Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads tagged me to give it a whirl (a whole month ago, which I didn’t notice due to broken pingbacks! 😩), and I’m ready to give it a go!

Of course, I’ll freely admit I can be indecisive when it comes to all things bookish. Why do I have the sneaking feeling this is going to be hard? 😳


  • Answer the questions given to you by your nominator!
  • Make up your own questions and tag others!

Now, would you rather…

…only read physical books for the rest of your life or only audiobooks?

Oh, thank goodness, we’re starting easy. Since I absolutely cannot focus AT ALL when it comes to audiobooks (short podcasts are hard enough, let alone 12+ hours of fantasy novels and what have you), this takes no effort to answer. Hand me a physical book any day and I’ll be the happiest of campers!

…know all the spoilers before you start a book or never read the last chapter?

Okay, we’re ramping up the difficulty a bit here. Spoilers suck, but also? I’m a die hard completionist, whether it comes to video games or books. Seriously, when’s the last time I DNFed a book, even when I despised it?

The answer is never, folks. Which means I’d rather know the spoilers than never get to the last chapter!

…be stuck on a very long train/plane ride with a book you hate or no book at all?


Life’s too short to read books you hate (unless you’ve already started it; in that case, be like me and finish it out of spite). But really, if I don’t have a book on a long trip, then it’s time to write or embroider or listen to a podcast as long as my brain allows me or play video games. I love books, sure, but there’s more you can do while traveling so long as you’re not driving!

…read a book with a really bad ending or a book where your favorite character is killed off?

So far, I haven’t been stumped, and I’ll take that as a good sign. And in this case?

Captain Hook from Hook saying

I mean it, too! There are definitely ways to kill off characters without it becoming a bad ending, and I’d rather mourn a character death than the death of a perfectly good plot that went suddenly down the tubes.

…love a book everyone hates or hate a book everyone loves?

In all fairness, I frequently hate books everyone loves. It’s just how it seems to go for me. That said? I’d rather be full of love and sunshine even if it’s for books other people don’t like!

Barring, you know, stuff like super transphobic or racist books and authors. Obviously. We’re not about to tolerate that here, would you rather or not.

…read books by your favorite author but they’re all really bad, or read books by an author you hate but they’re all really good?

I’d rather read good books from an author I hate. If my favorite is churning out bad book after bad book, I guess they’re not really likely to stay my favorite for long. And if the author I hate is writing stellar stuff, maybe I’ll change my mind!

Or if the author I hate is a dirtbag who at least writes good words, I don’t have to promote their books or their presence. I can just read it, soak up the concepts I enjoy, and lock it away in a little mental box for my own enjoyment and analysis. 🤷

…only ever read contemporary books for the rest of your life or fantasy?

Looking at my bookish spreadsheet, over 50% of the books I’ve read this year are fantasy. About 2% are contemporary. Does that answer the question? Because I think it sure does.

…own a signed edition or a first edition?

Signed edition! I know first editions can be considered pretty valuable in some cases, but there’s something special about signed books. If they’re personalized, it’s extra special, but even if they’re simply signed, I feel like that carries a little more emotional weight, and I treasure that.

…never be able to borrow a book from the library again or never reread your favorite book?

Okay, this might be the absolute toughest one on the list. I’m actually planning to do a big rereading run later this year/early next, but I adore the library with all my heart. That’s doubly true even though I now have a little extra disposable income for buying books. Being able to borrow a book without having to shell out $20 a pop is a relief, especially when I’m hesitant about the purchase anyhow, and it’s a great way to find new authors without making a monetary commitment when times are tight!

And to cap it off, I have a good memory when it comes to both visuals and the written word. I’ll remember what I love about a book even if specific plot points get hazy.

Isn’t that what fanfiction is for anyhow? 👀

….spend the day in your favorite fictional world but never meet your favorite character, or spend the day as the villain and try to attack/kill that favorite character?

I will happily accept never meeting my favorite characters in exchange for a chance to wander around their worlds. Frankly, the closer you are to a main character, the more likely it is that you’re going to be dragged headfirst into mortal peril, and I’m not about that life. My whole blog is themed around comfy NPC energy and resting along your bookish journey. Why invite trouble when I can just chill and enjoy some magical realms for a little bit?

Your turn! Here are the new questions and the nominees!

And friends? I apologize if I made these too hard, but the truth is…I love a tricky Would You Rather. 😈

  1. Would you rather someone borrowed a book and returned it damaged, or never returned it at all?
  2. Would you rather have to read your least favorite genre at least once a month without DNFing, or never read your favorite genre again?
  3. Would you rather buy from your local indie, or the local indie of the author whose book you’re buying?
  4. Would you rather read a book a day for a month but never get to review them, or read only one book in a month but review it in full?
  5. Would you rather watch the movie adaptation or the TV adaptation?
  6. Would you rather meet your favorite author over and over again, or meet multiple authors but only once each?
  7. Would you rather your favorite ship never gets together at all, or that they realize their mutual affection before being permanently parted?
  8. Would you rather take the place of a protagonist in a contemporary book or a fantasy book?
  9. Would you rather choose your next read by pulling a title out of a hat, or by letting someone else choose for you?
  10. Would you rather your favorite book/series got a massive but often obnoxious following, or that there’s basically two pieces of fan art and one fanfiction of your NOTP ever?

Sahi @ My World of Books || Clo @ Cuppa Clo || Destiny @ Howling Libraries || Sav @ Booked on a Feeling || Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm


Would you rather I kept going, or that I stopped here?

Regardless of your answer, I think it’s time to bring this tag to an end and pass the torch on to some new folks. Friends in the hot seat, be sure to let me know when/if you do the tag, especially since my pingbacks are super not working right now! I want to see how you deal with weighing impossible bookish options! 😈

And if I didn’t tag you, but you still want in, feel free to consider yourself tagged. Spread the love, spread the tag, and see what kinds of bookish hypothetical dilemmas you can get each other into!

10 thoughts on “Would You Rather Tag

  1. First off, thanks for tagging me! 🙂 I haven’t done any tags in a long while and I was just going to do a random one on my own.
    But those questions!!! I AM going to STRUGGLE so hard with some of them haha. I still can’t wait to do this tag though! 😂

    1. You’re welcome!! And haha, that was my intent! Can’t have an easy Would You Rather, can we? 😈 Can’t wait to see your answers!!

  2. OMG your questions are pure evil!! 😂
    So glad you, uh, enjoyed(?) doing this this!! And I’m so sorry the pingback didn’t work!! (Mine are also being a bit haphazard at the moment…)

    1. Oh, I had a blast with this. And evil is a word for it. 😈😈😈

      And ughhhhhh why does self-hosted cause so many pingbacks issues? I wish it wasn’t this frustrating.

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