Weekly Wrap || October 24th, 2020

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October 24th, 2020

I feel like every Weekly Wrap lately has been all kinds of doom and gloom. Today, though?

Today is all kinds of good news, and I’m excited to share! 🤩

Life Beyond the Blog

First and foremost, I’m so happy to tell you all that Dusty got through his surgery all right! He came home to rest the very same day, and while he’s extremely grumpy that we insist on keeping him in his cute little shirt and feeding him gross medicine (how dare we do these things to facilitate his recovery), he’s doing really well. I couldn’t help but be nervous last week due to his age (he’s nine years old, which is almost dangerously old when you’re considering putting a rabbit under for surgery), but he’s home! He’s well!

He’s learning how to Houdini out of his shirt and eat around his medicine! 😑 My sweet boy has exactly one brain cell, and apparently this is the way he intends to use it. For avoiding things that are good for him, and also for being pretty when someone holds up a camera of any kind.

Anyway, beside Dusty on his road to a full recovery, there’s been other good things this week! I’ve immersed myself in the Crown Tundra expansion for Pokémon Sword these last couple days, which has been the brain break I desperately needed, and I managed to sew pillowcase, four new masks, and two [REDACTED FOR FUN REASONS] yesterday afternoon! Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I managed to do that much in one sitting?

The answer is too long, but let’s not dwell on it.

Basically, this week has been kind to me on a personal level, even if it’s still a hot mess when you look at the big picture. Celebrate the little things, I suppose?

And if you want to join me in celebrating the little things (or in getting things done), may I quickly recommend Habitica to you? It’s a pixel RPG habit tracker that’s done wonders for my productivity and accountability, even if being productive for the day means remembering to take my meds. It’s a super fun, rewarding little set-up, and I highly recommend trying it out. It makes doing stuff fun, even some of the not fun stuff, because you get to level up your little pixel friend and collect pets and fancy gear while going on quests. Plus, it’s a very welcoming, positive community!

I’ll write up a full post on it soon, I suspect, but in the meantime, I recommend it highly. It doesn’t do the work for me, but it sure is a wildly useful tool!

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The Week Ahead

This is where things start to get hairy. You see, we’re a week away from NaNo. And now that I’ve typed that out and acknowledged it, I’d like to scream into a black hole for a little bit. 😱 (Yes, I do NaNo for fun. No, I never learn my lesson about prepping for it sooner in the year.)

With 50,000 words in a month looming just around the corner, this week has a very specific set of tasks ahead, as follows:

  • make NaNo outline
  • finish November bullet journal spreads ahead of time
  • draft November posts
  • read as much as possible so there’s something to review on the blog during all the things ahead
  • cram in literally anything else because time has once again taken me by surprise

Obviously, this is an extremely sophisticated and professional plan. Obviously, I might be in a bit of a pinch for the next seven days.


But we’ll see the results next Weekly Wrap! And if they’re scary good (or even scary bad), that’s okay, because it’ll be Halloween! Not only that, but it’s a blue moon, a full moon, and a Monthly Wrap as well! Why not do it all at once, right?

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