Weekly Wrap || November 7th, 2020

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November 7th, 2020

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap for the week the world went absolutely bonkers. No, I have no solutions to offer. Only more confusion, and perhaps a platter of Gritty memes.

Life Beyond the Blog

Okay, so actually, I’m going to skip the Gritty memes, because it has just been. Far too much. The election, Supernatural speed-running from queerbaiting to bury your gays, bogus news about Putin stepping down, etc etc etc. What a time to be alive, honestly. And by that, I mean what a time to be processing far too much wild news at once. I need to sit down and have a LONG nap until all this blows over, because my anti-anxiety meds are NOT strong enough to handle all these things at once.

But if we remove the November 5th perfect storm from the equation, it’s been a quiet week. I’ve been fretting over election results like everyone else, and staying offline for the most part in order to keep my mental health from imploding on me. There’s going to be work to be done in order to bring about real change in the US, but right this second, all I can really do is watch votes be counted. It’s a lot like watching paint dry, except you’re cheering on specific drops, and if the drops you’re not cheering on finish the race first, they’ll burn a hole in your floor.

Wow. Good to see my skill for odd and sometimes halfway incomprehensible metaphors has survived the week.

Really, though, I’ve been spending most of my time doing things that don’t require me to check Twitter. Or basically any other corner of the internet. So I’ve been reading and writing for NaNo and stress-eating nearly a whole batch of takeout garlic breadsticks from the local tavern.

Yeah, it’s been a hell of a week. 😵


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The Week Ahead

I wish I could say with certainty that it’ll be nothing like last week, but I couldn’t have predicted last week in a million years. At this point, genuinely anything could happen.

That said, my ideal approach is going to be pedals to the metal writing to slam out as many words as possible before the end of the month, and to read as many books as I can. My Goodreads challenge has helpfully informed me that I’m a whopping 13 books behind where I need to be if I want to meet my goal this year, and dammit, I am not a quitter! (Usually. Let’s not get into the specific exceptions.)

Anyway, it mostly means another week disconnected from the internet. Just me, my books, and Scrivener compiling all those gosh darn words for me. And if I’m lucky, it might include spending some virtual time with friends over Skype or Discord or what have you. Basically anything to destress right now, because I’m in dire need of it.

Oh, and toss out some job applications in the vain hope I can escape retail before Black Friday rears its ugly, COVID-spreading head. I can dream, can’t I? 😩


I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves this week, and that you’ve got good things to look forward to in your near future. See you next Weekly Wrap!

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