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Hope you don’t mind if I toot my own horn for a hot minute.

It’s been one hell of a year, so why shouldn’t I? Thankfully, Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads has made the final Top 5 Tuesday of the year perfect for doing so. She left us a freebie this week, and I’m using it to share my favorite posts of 2020, the ones I worked the hardest on or had the most fun sharing. I hope they’ll bring a smile to your face as we close out the year, and that there’s plenty more posts like these to come!

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Welcome to Hail & Well Read!

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I’d be remiss not to mention this one! At the beginning of the year, I completed the switch to self-hosting and coupled it with a rebrand, turning The Words Gremlin into Hail & Well Read. This post marks the start of a new era in the blog, and I really couldn’t be prouder!

Admittedly, some features listed in it haven’t come to fruition. They’ve been more work than I anticipated, and that’s a bit frustrating. But I haven’t forgotten them, and I am actively working behind the scenes. In a way, this look back is also a look ahead!


Welcome to Snail & Well Read!

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It would be absurd to leave Welcome to Snail & Well Read off my list of best posts of 2020! With the pandemic rising in the U.S. in March, I felt like April Fool’s was the perfect occasion for the light-hearted pick-me-up. No cruel jokes, no tricks, no punching down.

It’s just all snails and questionable use of Photoshop, folks, the way it ought to be. 🐌


Would You Rather? Tag

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There’s nothing like a party game to liven up the room, and I had a blast picking out the questions for this one. And answering them, too, but mostly picking questions. There’s something fun about coming up with impossible bookish choices and then watching the folks I tag actually come up with amazing answers!

Plus, take this as an open invitation to give it a try and have some fun of your own! Even if I didn’t tag you then, you’re more than welcome to take a crack at it anyhow!


Tower Talks || Leverage

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In April, I fell down a very, very deep rabbit hole. It was five seasons long, has the OT3 of a lifetime, and come to find out, there’s going to be an honest to goodness revival featuring most of the original cast and writers. In short, Leverage put me over the moon, and in this post, I try to take you all with me. It’s all about thieves and found family and flipping the cruel features of capitalism the bird (while gloating about it).

Go on, join me in Leverage hell. I promise it’s worth it!


Dragon’s Den Discussions || What Makes a Good Love Interest?

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I may be a bit of a Grinch when it comes to romance, but that doesn’t mean all romance is terrible! I just like to see specific things when it comes time to start shipping, and this post compiles some of the features I think make the best love interests. Can you see some of the influence my aromantic identity has on my approach? I sure can! 💚

I’ll admit, not all of these posts are entirely bookish. But I put my heart into them, and had a blast putting them together. At the end of the day, they’re the backbone of Hail & Well Read. They’re what I do a little bit different than anyone else.

And I hope you’re having as much fun as I am. 💛

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