Weekly Wrap || January 16th, 2021

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January 16th, 2021

This Weekly Wrap is no ordinary Weekly Wrap. Instead, it’s a testament to the impossible. Two impossible things, in fact, which seems to me worth calling a miracle! Are you with me?

Life Beyond the Blog

You might be more with me if I told you what the impossible things were, which is entirely fair. The first one, possibly the lesser item, is that my reading slump has broken! I finished two books Thursday evening/in the wee hours of Friday morning, bringing my grand total for 2021 up to three books! After not touching a single page for what feels like ages, this is a huge obstacle to surpass.

Not as huge, though, as my little sister’s achievement, though. See, she’s pretty good at what she does. She’s a good dancer, a good student, and all around a good kid. I’m proud of her. But last night, she proved to me that she could sell pants to a snake, all by getting our mother to agree to the adoption of two bunnies in need of a home.

That’s right! In May, the bunnies’ current owner is moving out of the country, and can’t take her sweet beans with her. And since we were the first to respond to the owner’s search for a safe new home, in four months, they’ll be ours! I don’t have pictures yet, since my sister handled most of this, but they’re two Netherland Dwarf bunnies, one cottontail brown, the other black, and their combined weight is barely the same weight as my gray Netherland Dwarf. 🥺

They’re absolutely PRECIOUS, and long story short, my sister negotiated with my mother for 45 minutes until my mom, notoriously against adopting any more pets, caved and agreed that we could take them in. And yes, my sister recorded my mom’s agreement, just in case. We have it on the record, folks.

The buns won’t arrive for a few more months, still enjoying their current home, but I can’t wait to welcome them, and show them to you all once they’re settled in! It’s an exciting day in my house, and it’s almost hard to believe it’s real! 🥰


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Since our new bunny friends won’t be here for a few months, I have to direct my brain cells to other matters in the meantime. This week, I aim to read some more books (let’s keep that reading slump at bay!), and hopefully to finishing stitching and sewing a fun secret project I can’t wait to share. In short, this week is for creative things, whether I’m consuming them or creating them myself, and I’m hoping it feels a little bit like rest along the way!


And that’s that for this Weekly Wrap! I’ll see you next Saturday, and I wish you nothing but good things between here and there! And no worries: as soon as there’s more bunny news, I’ll share it in full. Can’t keep these sweet beans all to myself, after all! 🐰

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