Weekly Wrap || January 30th, 2021

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January 30th, 2021

You might have noticed there was no Weekly Wrap last week. That’s because life was a little bit slow, a little bit tough, and a little bit sad. But there’s some sunshine ahead after all this rain, so wraps are back!

Life Beyond the Blog

Like I said, the week before last was a whole lot of nothing on my end. Eat, work, sleep, repeat. Toss in the inauguration, a heaping load of stress, then resume eat, work, sleep, repeat. I skipped the Weekly Wrap last Saturday because I simply didn’t have a single thing to show for it.

Thankfully, this week has been slightly better. Between some good reads and their reviews, along with some new books on my shelves thanks to my aunt’s very late Christmas gift, and the fact that we’ve got a new administration, I’m feeling a little bit more optimistic. Realistic, in that nothing will change overnight, and it won’t change perfectly, but optimistic, in that change suddenly feels…possible again.

The biggest example of that on a personal scale, has been some chatting I’ve done this week in my work life. I can’t say very much right now, but I’m feeling good about the direction things are going, and hopeful that they’ll continue down that road. It’s also a road that involves a cat, and maybe even a change of working hours. Fingers crossed I can explain it all soon! 🤞


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The Week Ahead

Next week is a little nebulous. It’s also the first week of February, which does not seem possible. I thought time stopped while I was sleeping or playing video games to ease my stress. What do mean it’s been marching forward this whole time?

Despite that unpleasant little surprise, though, I have hope it’s going to be a good week. I’ve got a couple highly anticipated ARCs I aim to get through, including Sarah Gailey’s The Echo Wife, and I’m working my way through a stitching project that’s challenging me in a way I didn’t expect. If I can finish it, or even get through a small part of it, I’m going to be very proud of myself!

Other than that, I won’t put much on my plate just yet. There’s too many unknowns at the moment, and I’m going to leave room for them.

(Just this once. Then it’s back to regularly scheduled over-achiever hours, you know?)


I hope you and yours are doing well this week, and I wish you the very best to close out this week and lead you through the next! 💛

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