Monthly Wrap || January 2021

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January 2021

It’s no longer January 2021, which is a massive relief. Anyone else ready to live in boring, uninteresting times? Raise your hand if you’re with me. Please.

Life Beyond the Blog

Normally, I feel like I could go into deep detail here. That’s what Monthly Wraps are for! But between the Bean Dad debacle, the attempted coup in D.C., the inauguration, and some sort of secret life stuff I can’t yet talk about, I’m just kind of…floundering over here. Either I can’t share what I want to talk about, or we’re all so completely done talking about it that it’s silly to rehash it again.

That said! I’m still over the moon that we arranged for the adoption of two new bunnies in January! They won’t join my family until May, when their current owner finalizes her move overseas, but we’re already preparing to welcome them. I’m not sure how smoothly introducing them to my current bunnies will go (we have the space to keep them separated if it’s a disaster), but my hopes are high. Two new beans! That weigh three pounds put together! 😍

On the flip side, I’ve been discovering that perhaps my meds don’t work as well as I thought they did. It’s been a streak of iffy brain days, and lately, concentrating has been like pulling teeth. Not ideal in the least. I’m making an effort to be around more often, and be prompt with my posts, but I have to admit it’s tough these days! The winter blues have something to do with it, I’m sure.

Overall, January 2021 hasn’t been the most amazing month on record. But, it’s also not a raging trash fire. It’s just a little behind schedule, and it did its best. We’ll take it, right?


Books Read and Reviewed

Somehow, I managed to get through five entire books this month! How did I do it?

No, seriously, how did I do it? If anyone has the answer, please let me know. I’m as confused as you are.

I managed to finish RuinsongCast in FirelightDon’t Tell a SoulThe Project, and Pet! You can read reviews for all of these titles except Pet, which will go live about halfway through this month. I’m also pleased to announce that while all of these were enjoyable reads, Pet marks my first five star read of the year! Take that, 2021, we’re getting to the good stuff early!


Next This Month’s Reads

Provided I can keep up some of that reading momentum, I have a decent TBR for the month. As we speak, I’m part of the way through Blood Sworn, in an attempt to finish and review it by the end of the night. We’ll see how successful that attempt really is.

I also have The Echo Wife and Down Comes the Night at the top of my list, as part of my ARC review schedule. As I ever, I prioritize those so they get some exposure just before publication. If I can get ahead there, I also want to pick up Legendborn and A Song of Wraiths and Ruin. I’ve not yet had the time to start either one, and what better time than during Black History Month?


My Top 3 Posts

I have to admit, I always love this part of my Monthly Wraps. I’m proud of the work I do here, and I love getting a second chance to point towards the posts I’ve poured the most love into. I hope you enjoy this section as much as I do, and that you’ll give these posts a bit of your time and love!

1. Tower Talks || Ikenfell

2. Tower Talks || Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

3. Deeplight Review


Favorites From Around the Blogging World

You may notice that this section is painfully empty this month. That’s because I’ve not only been very absent, but because I found out WordPress hasn’t been putting blogs in my feed! I’ve missed posts from favorites, from new blogs, from all kinds of things, and it’s been a nightmare to try and catch up! 🥴

So let’s try something different: you tell me what your favorite posts from January were! You can recommend one of your own, but I’d really love it if you make sure to boost some other bloggers, too.


And that’s that on January 2021! On to the shortest month of the year, which hopefully won’t draw out into a billion years all on its own. Take care, friends, and see you around! 💛

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