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Weekly Wrap || February 13th, 2021

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February 13th, 2021

Astonishingly, I am alive to bring you a Weekly Wrap, instead of lying wraithlike on my couch, sneezing into fistfuls of Kleenex and praying for the chicken noodle soup gods to deliver me from my illness.

Yeah, it’s been a rough couple weeks since I last checked in for a wrap. How did you know?

Life Beyond the Blog

Okay, I feel the need to clarify that this was not COVID. It just was two days of absolute misery on the couch, which came right after a few days of medicinal misery (my meds! ran out! and my psych! did not call me back! despite me calling two weeks in advance! asking what we needed to do!). Basically, it has not been a good time physically or mentally, which is why it feels like a miracle that I’m writing this wrap at all.

That said, I’m back on my meds again, so I guess the little serotonin goblins up in my brain are doing their job like they’re supposed to! Heck yeah!

General well being aside, especially since it’s improving (I say with so much caution), life’s been a little dull. I still can’t tell you all about the thing I want to tell you all about for fear of jinxing it, and the world feels like it’s at it’s slowest point of existence. The highlight of my week was irritating my mother by asking her what time she was watching The Big Sportsball last Sunday. Apparently, refusing to call it the Super Bowl is irritating. I thought it was fun. And I got to eat the nachos she made for The Big Sportsball, so who’s the real winner here anyway?

I’m not sure it’s me. Am I really a winner if that’s the most exciting thing happening in my life? I’m inclined to say no. Oh dear.


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The Week Ahead

I’m almost afraid to make plans, but dang it, I will! I have Sunday through Friday off from work, and I’m going to be my own Valentine this year. It will involve post-Valentine’s discounted chocolates, and I plan to soak up every second of it. I deserve a little vacation where I’m just enjoying myself, even if I have to stay at home for it. And if all goes well, it’ll really help me reenergize after the astoundingly junky couple of weeks I’ve just wrapped up. I might even read a book, folks. A whole book!

Maybe more, if things get really wild. Can you imagine?

I’m also going to attempt to double down on some writing this week. Apparently being sick tends to give me some super weird dreams, but it’s given me a lot of cool plot twist fodder, and I want to get it onto the page, at least in part, before I lose it completely. Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth, even if that gift horse is an oddball manifestation of my sleeping brain activity?


I hope you’ve all had a much better couple of weeks than I have, and that good things are coming your way soon! And Happy Valentine’s Day in advance, friends! Sending you much love and happiness, and if you don’t have someone else to be your Valentine, dang it, be your own Valentine! We all deserve it at this point. 💛

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