Monthly Wrap || February 2021

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February 2021

To tell the truth, I’m in awe that February 2021 managed to pack so much everything into every day, despite being the shortest month of the year. And a few days later, it’s still halfway a blur.

But! It’s a good blur, and I’m eager to share it with you all. I hope you’ll continue reading and share some of the February joy with me!

Life Beyond the Blog

Even this far into March, my head is still spinning from how wild February was. I started it out a little gloomy (it’s always one of the hardest months of the year for me, since winter makes my depression that much worse), but things quickly got away from me in the best way possible.

Easily the biggest change (and the one you’ve probably heard about if you’re reading my Weekly Wraps) is that I got a new job! And I was able to leave the old one, which was doing a nasty number on my mental health. Now, I’m working somewhere with an office cat, really sweet coworkers, and a boss who answers to her own terms rather than some higher corporate entity. It’s relaxing (mostly), it’s freeing, and I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying it! I mean, I wake up on days I work, and I don’t dread it anymore. Can you believe I’ve gotten so lucky? 🥺

And I will give my previous coworkers a fair shake: they put together the most adorable going away basket full of silly little shark goodies, and it almost made me cry. I suppose after a year and a half of working there, everyone was well aware how much I like sharks, but it was incredibly sweet all the same!

This also turned into the month Stardew Valley started calling my name again. Granted, I didn’t dive completely back into it in February like I already have for March, but after quite a long, long time, I’ve returned to my favorite little pixel farm. There’s something soothing about it that I have to admit I’ve really missed!

And to cap it all off, I got used to some updated medication, which is already making a dramatic difference in my life. Sometimes, the executive dysfunction still hits hard, but it’s a major relief to see some of my other frustrating symptoms ease up.

Other than that, February was a lot of the same old, same old, with a sprinkling of new job training on top. I’m relieved it’s over, but delighted that it had such a happy ending for me!


Books Read and Reviewed

Okay, this is where my wrap looks a little less than stellar. I was only able to read Down Comes the Night, Blood Sworn, and The Echo Wife this month. Sure, they were all pretty good reads, DCtN being my favorite of the three, but I was certainly hoping for more. They were all ARCs on deadlines, too, which meant I didn’t get around to any of my mood reading. I’d hoped to get to Legendborn and A Song of Wraiths and Ruin for Black History Month, but it simply didn’t happen.


This Month’s Reads

Fingers crossed that this month will be better for reading! Now that my job situation is smoothed out for the better, I’m hoping to have more time and energy. And as things stand, I’ve already read and reviewed Phoenix Flame, so we’re off to a good start! But it’s an ARC-heavy month again, so my priorities are with Sweet & Bitter MagicThe Bone MakerThe Accidental Apprentice, and She’s Too Pretty to Burn.

If I find myself with time and energy to spare, I still think I’ll be moving Legendborn up my list ASAP, but I also really want to get to Cemetery Boys as soon as I can!


My Top 3 Posts

This month’s top posts were a little tougher to decide on than usual, mostly because February turned out to be such a slow blogging month! But here are the ones I’m most pleased with, and I hope you’ll give them a look-see. 💛

1. Pet Review

2. The Echo Wife Review

3. T5T Series I Haven’t Finished Yet


Favorites From Around the Blogging World

Unfortunately, like January, I wasn’t able to blog hop in February. At this point, my blogging backlist is a mile long, and I haven’t yet started to dig into it. However, I have a three-day weekend ahead of me, and plan to use it to find all the good posts that I’ve only been able to glance at along the way!

In the meantime, tell me: are there any posts I should definitely make time for? They can be yours or another blogger’s, but I want to hear about them! Send me fresh reading material and let me be your cheerleader! ✨


I hope you all had a happy, safe February, and I’m wishing you lots of joy this month. May March treat you right, and give you a treat as the seasons start to change! 💛

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