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Weekly Wrap || March 20th, 2021

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March 20th, 2021

Writing a Weekly Wrap, Step One: Try not to sneeze your brains out.

Step Two: Fail miserably and try again. Happy first day of spring, y’all! 🤧

Life Beyond the Blog

Somewhere between sneezes, I have actually had what the cool kids call “a life,” which is maybe a little hard to believe. After all, that’s why I missed last week’s Weekly Wrap!

Thankfully, having a life in my case isn’t the most boring thing. If you’ve been hovering around my Twitter, you’ve noticed my life now includes LOTS of puppies! I’ve been busy, and haven’t logged in much, but when I do, I come bearing puppy pics. Who can resist faces like these?

And on top of all that wonderful cuteness, my littlest bunny celebrated her fifth gotcha day with us! We really did adopt her on St Patrick’s Day five years ago, and it’s amazing to see how much she’s grown, how much she trusts us now. When we got her, she was terrified of everything and everyone, and while she’s still very skittish, she also loves me enough to snuggle with me for over an hour at a time. I’m so lucky to have her, and I hope I get another five years with her still. 💕

Other than that, though, life is what it is! I’m still happy with my new job (after all, it’s hard to be mad at regular puppies!), and I’m gradually returning to the hobbies that left me during my time at my old job. It’s more of a gradual process than I’d like, but one day, my brain will learn that we can survive without instant gratification.


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The Week Ahead

I’m actually beginning the week with some time off, since the schedule doesn’t have me back in the office until Wednesday, and I intend to make good use of that! I’ve got a couple ARCs to read as soon as possible, and the itch to finally, finally do some writing. I literally haven’t written a word of fiction since last year. 😬

So, provided I can get the brain cells up and rolling, I should have a good, strong start to the week! And later on, though it’s going to be a bit busy, I’m hoping to wind down and finally finish watching Lucifer. I haven’t picked that up in…far too long, and I’m about thirteen episodes from being caught up. Which seems like a lot, but also really isn’t that many in the long run, especially since I tend to watch three or four in one sitting when I have a slow evening.


Hopefully all these good things will come to pass, and if they don’t, we’ll just keep trying again the next week! In the meantime, I hope you have an excellent week yourself. 💛

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || March 20th, 2021

  1. Omg lucifer.. im still in season two!! 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ Oof I should finish that aswell *aherm..

    Aww funny, as i’m reading this my eldest doxies is now 7years old 💕 Happy gotcha day to your rabbit— what would we do without them, eh?
    Also that new job looks so nice !! I wish Id work with animals honestly.. but iguess a coffee shop is nice too ;p ahah

    Have a good week, Meaghan ❤️

    1. Well, from where I’m at, it’s worth catching up! Hopefully you have a chance soon.

      Happy 7th to your sweet little doxie friend!! May you have many more years to come. 💕 And tbh? Without them? I would be a very sad puddle on the floor.

      The new job is really nice! Huge improvement over retail. I don’t mind paperwork, and I CERTAINLY don’t mind puppies! 😂

      You have a good week too, Kristina!!

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