Fire with Fire by Destiny Soria

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Fire with Fire by Destiny Soria

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Dani and Eden Rivera were both born to kill dragons, but the sisters couldn’t be more different. For Dani, dragon slaying takes a back seat to normal high school life, while Eden prioritizes training above everything else. Yet they both agree on one thing: it’s kill or be killed where dragons are concerned.

Until Dani comes face-to-face with one and forges a rare and magical bond with him. As she gets to know Nox, she realizes that everything she thought she knew about dragons is wrong. With Dani lost to the dragons, Eden turns to the mysterious and alluring sorcerers to help save her sister. Now on opposite sides of the conflict, the sisters will do whatever it takes to save the other. But the two are playing with magic that is more dangerous than they know, and there is another, more powerful enemy waiting for them both in the shadows. 

DISCLAIMER: I received an eARC from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.


The Rivera sisters were born to hunt dragons.

Daughters of two of the most famous dragon slayers in the world, Eden and Dani have big shoes to fill. But while Eden has dedicated every moment of her life to living up to the Rivera legacy, Dani is desperate to escape it, searching for something more like normal. Fewer dragons would be an ideal start.

But when Dani accidentally bonds with a dragon, both sisters find their worlds turned upside down, and must reckon with the weight of legacy versus a wildly new future. Each takes her own path toward the end she thinks is right, wanting more than anything else to save the other, and no matter what they choose, there will be consequences.

It’s not just their futures at stake. It’s the future of dragons and dragon slayers alike that rest in their hands.


Fire with Fire roars to life with everything I could possibly want in a book!

We’re talking a story about sisters who care only about saving one another, a story with dragons as intelligent creatures, a story that balances the importance of secrecy with a desperate desire to be free and open and unburdened.

It’s absolutely no wonder I fell in love at the very start, even though I was cautious after feeling lukewarm towards Destiny Soria’s Beneath the Citadel. My skepticism completely melted in the face of Fire with Fire’s outrageously wonderful story, and I’m so glad I can say that!

A lot of my joy with this book is definitely due to the fact that there’s dragons. I mean, I run a fantasy-themed blog, and Angus the dragon, featured on my discussion post headers, is officially-unofficially the mascot. In my house, the more dragons, the better. But in this case, the star dragon of the show is Nox, who is both draconian and feline in design (think Toothless from HTTYD, but a little more sarcastic and prim). He’s a bit grumpy, especially in the earliest stages of his bond with Dani, and he’s doing his very best in a world that’s set on seeing him dead.

Plus, the mechanics of his bond with Dani fascinate me. While it’s strained at first, the bond is incredible at the height of their partnership. It’s the kind of thing that makes any dragon lover want a dragon friend. Or, for those of you who may not be that excited by dragons, it’s a lot like the way Pokémon fans would really, really love if they had their own real live Pokémon partner.


“We all do what we think we must.”

This is where I really fell head over heels for Fire with Fire. Nox and Dani are awesome, but I’m completely enamored with the choices everyone has to make. Every single character thinks they’re doing the right thing, at least for themselves. So much of the conflict stems from clashing ideas of what the future should look like, especially regarding dragons’ roles in it. For Dani and Nox, the future still needs dragons, and showing both dragon slayers and sorcerers the truth of that is a difficult but necessary task. For Eden, though, Dani must be saved from Nox, from the false future he’s convinced her of. Even if that means aligning herself with sorcerers who remain secluded from the world, her sister needs her help above all else.

Throw in some side characters who hold equally strong convictions, and you end up with a tense, racing story that thrills to no end!

On top of that, there are more mundane conflicts, too. Dani, in her desire to experience a normal life, has to deal with all the troubles that come with. From the sudden return of an old friend, parted on bad terms, to the loving but frustrated pleas from a best friend to understand just what’s wrong, Dani has to satisfy everyone around her to keep Nox safe from harm. It takes its toll on her, too. After all, too many secrets are a difficult burden to carry.

All in all, I think the conflicts really pull this book together, even as they tear characters apart. There’s never a dull moment, and it makes for a book I couldn’t put down!


Fire with Fire is the perfect match for the summer heat, or a great read when you’re looking for warmth on a chilly day.

Whatever the weather, I don’t think I can recommend this enough. It packs a punch on every page, and if you like stories that test siblings’ bonds, this will definitely be one for your shelves.

Also, once again: Nox is a delightful dragon, and I would absolutely read an entire book full of his grumpiness. He’s a treasure and I want more of him. Who doesn’t want more dragon content anyway, right?


CW: violence (including gun violence), gore, underage drinking, sexual harassment, torture, loss of a loved one, one late scene that could be considered to contain self-harm or suicide (somewhat complicated due to natural of plot points involved)

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