Weekly Wrap || August 14th, 2021

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August 14th, 2021

I promise I have a good excuse this time. See, the reason you haven’t heard from me is that I’ve been on vacation! A little harder to write a Weekly Wrap when I’m soaking up some sun (read: hiding in an air-conditioned house and enjoying a proper break from The Big Everything™).

Of course, this doesn’t account for, y’know, most of July, but never mind that. Let’s catch up, shall we?

Life Beyond the Blog

Okay, so it’s time to make a confession about July: I did minimal blogging because I discovered Hades on the Switch, and that was that. It immediately rocketed up to “all-consuming interest,” and I’ve logged over 75 hours on it already. Yes, you will see a long post about this game, and no, I will not let it go any time soon.

As for the last week more specifically, though, I left my laptop at home and went to visit my best friend. We haven’t seen each other in person since May 2019, and after COVID tests and complete vax series and whatnot, we finally reunited! Of course, we didn’t get to go out and about to do much, but it was still so wonderful just to sit at home and play games, watch movies, work on sewing projects, and just generally do low-COVID-risk activities. Introvert’s paradise, really, complete with excellent food, since her family’s kitchen is possibly the most powerful space known to mankind.

(My friend also went to pastry school, so there were delicious baked goods galore. What’s not to love?)

Of the very few things we were out for, the most exciting was my tattoo appointment! I got my very first one, and it’s a gorgeous bee in a style similar to vintage botanical illustrations. Sadly, though, I don’t have any good photos to share because it’s on my back. Makes it much trickier to photograph, which is a shame, because it looks amazing. As soon as I have a photo in some way, I’ll be sure to share!

After all that excitement, though, I’m back home, and back to the daily grind on top of it all. Hopefully this means a proper return to blogging, and maybe to actually whittling down my TBR. I should only ask for one miracle at a time, though, right?


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The Week Ahead

Somehow, my birthday week is already here! Technically, I celebrate officially next Saturday, but why not build up the whole week? The way life is, we all deserve extra celebration and joy for our milestones.

Unfortunately, having just been on vacation, I can’t take more time off work, but it’s not too tricky a schedule to handle. Around my shifts, I think I’ll have plenty of time to read and sew, which are my current biggest priorities. I want to finish so many more books, and can you blame me for wanting to make cute scrubs for work? It’s about the simple joys! And also the sheer flood of serotonin that comes from finishing projects!

I suppose I should also figure out what I want for my birthday dinner. Funny how hard that is when you actually have to make a decision. 🤔


I’ve missed you all lately, and I hope life has been kind to you these last few weeks. May your week ahead also be full of good news, and I’ll see you next Saturday! 💛

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    1. Thanks so much, Destiny!! It really ended up being such a treat. Hopefully I can get some good pictures of the tattoo before summer is out. It’s too cool not to share!

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