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Let’s take a moment to appreciate the scenery.

We don’t always get a lot of it with books, focused as we are on characters and plot. But setting always plays an important role, and today, it’s the star! Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads decided it was time to spotlight our favorite books with buildings on the cover, and lo and behold, I actually found five books to showcase. The scenery on some might be a little subtle, but you can’t deny the effect it has overall!

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab (Monsters of Verity #1)

This Savage Song Cover

This is the subtlety I’m talking about! This Savage Song catches your eye with that chalky title and red violin silhouette, but if you look closer, you can see the city within the silhouette. It’s a nice tough that adds to the grim atmosphere of the book, the way the city is locked down so tight as conflict rises between humans and monsters!


The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty (The Daevabad Trilogy #1)

The City of Brass Cover

I’ll admit that The City of Brass just…didn’t work for me, and I don’t think I’ll continue the series. That said, the UK covers feature some truly beautiful architecture on their covers! The city silhouette, the giant door, the gorgeous blue tilework against the brass?

Seriously, this is one gorgeous book.


Crier’s War by Nina Varela (Crier’s War #1)

Crier's War Cover

Not only does Crier’s War have this stunning shiny cover, the level of detail is bonkers. Every little line has its place here, and the mansion looming over it all makes it seem even bigger. This is no small revolution, and no small love story, and every inch of the cover works its butt off to make sure you know that before you even start to read!


Rosemarked by Livia Blackburne (Rosemarked #1)

Rosemarked Cover

Rosemarked may be remarkably simple in terms of its cover, but I’m a sucker for watercolors. There’s something about the color and texture that draws my eye every time, and I love the individualized feel to it. Each blot of paint is unique and difficult to exactly replicate.

And here, it also shrouds the skyline in a misty pink haze. There’s an air of uncertainty to it, something so soft despite the harsh subject matter inside, and I love it for the atmosphere.


The Girl in the Green Silk Gown by Seanan McGuire (Ghost Roads #2)

The Girl in the Green Silk Gown Cover

This one, I think, is the cream of the crop today. The Girl in the Green Silk Gown boasts one of the best cover redesigns I’ve ever seen (replacing the original but somewhat dull style for Sparrow Hill Road), and the sheer amount of movement blows my mind. It’s perfect for a series about a hitchhiking ghost roaring through her afterlife!

More important, though, I adore the Parthenon-esque building above the title. Not only does it satisfy my classics-loving heart, but it fits so well with certain parts of the story, and it couples well with the way the whole cover is angled to suggest not only movement but a towering, intimidating height.

Now that’s how you use a temple, folks.


So, have I missed any noteworthy landmarks, any bookish buildings that ought to have their own touristy postcards? Or have I covered some of the best stops on shelf? Let’s chat! 💛

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday || Books With Buildings on the Cover

  1. This Savage Song is legit my favorite Schwab book and I genuinely couldn’t have told you that there were BUILDINGS on the cover haha all I knew was red, the font and the violin, but they’re right there. Don’t know how that escaped me, but I like the subtlety as well.

    1. It’s so delightfully sneaky but so pretty! I love hidden details like that so much. And hey, now you’ll look at it differently!

      I think Our Dark Duet has something similar going on.

      1. I think Our Dark Duet shows like a factory or something empty with large windows from the inside? Hard to tell what it is exactly, but definitely a similar theme in blue.

  2. Oooh, I’ve never noticed the city in This Savage Song before!! I don’t even think I noticed the pattern in Crier’s War had buildings… Clearly I have not been paying attention to the subtleties!! Hope you had fun this week 💕

    1. Well, that’s what T5T is for!! I love snooping around for cover details SO MUCH. It’s a blast!

      And I did! I also adore the way you’re doing three months of topics at once. That’s sooooo nice

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