Weekly Wrap || September 4th, 2021

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September 4th, 2021

Better late than never? This Weekly Wrap was meant to go up a couple hours ago, but the truth is that I got some outstanding sleep, and that was more important. Can you blame me?

Anyhow, this wrap covers all the reasons the blog has been a little slower, and all the hopes I have for the week ahead!

Life Beyond the Blog

Like I said, it’s not been especially fast-paced around here. A busy work week has left me without a lot of time to sit online, and besides that, I really need some sleep. Still. Not getting enough rest is no joke! 🥴

All this meant I didn’t read the bazillion books I wanted to. I know, I know, another case of biting off more than I can chew. Every time I say I want to get through multiple books in a week, I don’t get through any, and we’re all left a little confused about what happened by the time the next Weekly Wrap rolls around. It’s not the most ideal situation, but what else can I do but keep trying?

And perhaps it doesn’t help that I’ve found a new video game to be obsessed with. I bought Littlewood this week, which is an adorable little pixel game about rebuilding a town after you’ve finished saving the world. It’s similar to Stardew Valley in terms of the resource management aspects and some activities, but it has a charm to it that’s all its own! I’ve already forced myself not to start my day with it today, swearing to finish reading a book before I pick it up. Otherwise, I won’t get anything else done! 😅


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

We’re going to do it this week. We’re going to read.

It’s partly because Labor Day gives me a long weekend. Today is my second day off out of five, the way the schedule at work shook out, and I intend to take advantage of it. It’s also partly because I told myself that I don’t get to play Littlewood until I finish reading a book. Sometimes, self-bribery has a bit of a mean flavor to it. Sometimes, this means results.

Provided I can get this slightly painful system to work, I’m hoping to get through five books this week: Cazadora, The Girl’s I’ve Been, Bloodwitch, Witchshadow, and Iron Widow. More would be a bonus. Most of them would be a miracle in its own right. Never let it be said, friends, that I am not ambitious!

And this doesn’t even take into account my plan to finish as many blog posts in advance as I possibly can. You guys, I’ve got the bug. The Saturday itch. The need for…well, not speed, but still as much STUFF as possible. I want to be productive so I can buy myself time ahead to relax. This is totally how this works, right?



Anyhow, I hope this week has been good to you, and you haven’t been sidetracked nearly so badly as I have. I’ll see you all next Saturday, and I hope many good things come into your life between now and then! 💛

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