Weekly Wrap || October 2nd, 2021

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October 2nd, 2021

Against all odds, we’ve made it to another Weekly Wrap! It’s a quick kind of check-in today, but this time, it’s a good thing.

Life Beyond the Blog

No time to waste! As I write this, I’m also getting ready to go get one more COVID test to prove I’m all good to return to work (just because I’ve been in the same house as active cases, even though I haven’t been sick), and I’m also preparing all my posts for this month and next. Doing my drafts ahead of time, even if it’s just the bare bones templates, saves me a little bit of a headache farther down the road. Also, it’s one of the few things I can accomplish when my brain is in Waiting Mode™ before an appointment. Small enough to get done in a limited amount of time, useful enough to be worth doing!

Plus, I have more PJ pants to make, though I finished the first pair yesterday, and I’ve got books to read. Busy day, busy schedule, busy everything!

Really, though, I’m mostly looking forward to going back to work. I love the folks at my job, and honestly love the job itself for the most part. Sitting at home, waiting for this COVID business to reach a reasonably safe point, has left me feeling a lot like a weird little zoo animal in need of new enrichment. It’s October, so let’s say I need a proper pumpkin to smash with unadulterated glee.

It admittedly feels strange to be this energetic, but I can’t help it. My family is recovering from COVID at last, and some semblance of normal is just over the horizon. I’m feeling mostly relief, and it’s making itself known as excess energy.


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Busy busy busy, like I said! As long as my COVID test comes back negative, I should be back to work starting on Wednesday. It’s been a long three and a half weeks of waiting to go back, and I’m so entirely ready. Besides that, though, I’m off to the races on both October and November blog posts, because NaNoWriMo is just around the corner! If I can get all my ducks in a row now, November won’t be nearly as stressful. (The flaw in this strategy is relying on Present Me to actually save Future Me the hassle. We’ll see how well that works. )

With any luck, I’ll get in at least three shifts this week, three books, and then the newest Leverage: Redemption episodes on Friday! There’s a lot to look forward to, and it’s nice to feel slightly less stressed for once about the days ahead of me.


I hope you’re all doing well, and that there’s good things in store for you in the days ahead. See you next Weekly Wrap!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || October 2nd, 2021

  1. I hope you get your test results back soon and can go back to work!! Also, your PJ pants are amazing!! I love the watermelons and they look so comfy!! 💕

    1. I hope so too! Took my test today, first appointment I could get, so I should have results soon! 🤞 And thank you!!! I’m so excited to wear them once they go through the wash one more time!

  2. I’m happy to hear everyone is going well xx Hoping you end up negative so you can go back to work!! YAY for leaving the house — Im so glad we didn’t closed at all during covid lockdown; although I definately burned out (basically on my own while others were doing nothing- EVERYTHING ran on my nerves in the end).. because idk how I would’ve had coped 😅 The 4days we got in quarantine because of possibly community exposition was HELL.

    omg- somehow I always get the longest post idea right before I leave to work, having me being late 🙃 Thoses where my brain goes on a spin and write like 1000k words and I got to write it all NOW or else im not gonna remember where I was heading with this, but it’s already time to go and aaah!!
    Have a good week my dear xx

    1. I’m such a homebody and don’t like leaving the house, even for work, but it’s going to be so nice to just have the OPTION to leave again. And also a paycheck. 🥴 I think the only reason I haven’t gone completely ballistic is my TBR. I actually read books in September. 😂

      Oh my GOD I feel that! Blog post ideas never come at a convenient time, and the motivation likes to appear late too. Go!! Get those ideas down, even just the bare bones! I believe in you!

      You have a good week too, Kristina! ❤️

      1. See, I thought so too.. but it’s absolutely different when you’re forced 😅 suddently you sure as hell dont wanna stay there. Now im still only leaving home for work ahah

        1. It’s about the CHOICE!!! And also being able to mix it up a little.

          😅 Same on my end. I haven’t really been going out to do anything but vital errands and work as well but still! It’s a trip outside the house! Oooooooh!

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