Top 5 Tuesday || T5T Books I Haven’t Read in 2021

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It’s that time again: Meeghan Shames Meaghan!

I swear, Meeghan picks these topics specifically to make me admit that I’m behind on my Goodreads Challenge. And on my TBR in general. In today’s self-exposé, take a look at the books I’ve most wanted to read in 2021, and still haven’t gotten to! Then thank Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads for making today’s topic “Books I Haven’t Read in 2021” (or shame her for it, if you’d like to take my side in this war).

Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson (Vespertine #1)

Vespertine Cover

Margaret Rogerson completely enchanted me with Sorcery of Thorns, so of course I want to read Vespertine! But if her previous work isn’t enough to have me sold, it looks like this time around, we get unsteady boundaries between life and death, malevolent possessed relics, and lost knowledge as the only way to defeat an ancient evil!

Basically, it’s everything I could ask for, and it’s going to be a series! Now if only I could get my butt in gear and actually read it soon… I suppose there’s still a month left to 2021, so it’s not over yet!


Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse (Between Earth and Sky #1)

Black Sun Cover

I feel like a lot of the book bloggers whose content I enjoy most are raving about Black Sun, and I feel like I’m missing out. Especially since it’s been on my shelf for almost a year at this point, and I still haven’t picked it up.

This seems to happen to me a lot with adult fantasy. It can be daunting, especially when you know it’s good, when you know it’s rich in worldbuilding and characterization, to step into this new series. What if it doesn’t live up to expectations? What if I’m not in the right mood to read it and really soak it all in?

Whoops. Now I’m making myself nervous about jumping in all over again. Odds are good this one might be a 2022 read. 😬


Legendborn by Tracy Deonn (The Legendborn Cycle #1)

Legendborn Cover

Another one where everyone is raving, and I’m still behind! I love Arthurian retellings, and we see so little college YA, so Legendborn is really promising on premise alone. The hype surrounding it, though, and it’s 500+ page count, keep putting me off.

Soon, though. Soon. I can’t put off something this tantalizing forever! Besides, the cover reveal for the sequel has made me extra tempted to bump this up the TBR. Bloodmarked looks incredible, and that blue/red color scheme is impossible to look away from!


Queen of Volts by Amanda Foody (The Shadow Game #3)

Queen of Volts Cover

Okay, this time, I’m not holding back out of nervousness or something. I haven’t read Queen of Volts simply because I need to reread the rest of the Shadow Game series first! I try to reread whole series before reading the final book, simply because any reveals are going to (or at least should) punch so much harder this way. I want to see all the foreshadowing, think about all the dots that are being connected!

Also, it helps if I remember who’s who and why they do what they do. Oops.


The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi (The Gilded Wolves #1)

The Gilded Wolves Cover

I know, I know! This series is beloved by book bloggers everywhere, and now the final book is out, and I still haven’t read it! Have mercy on me, friends. I simply have no excuse for this one.


TBR procrastination gang, where are you? Come defend me from Meeghan’s brutal T5T topics! Come save me!

Or laugh at me, if you take delight in Meeghan always making me admit my TBR has a stranglehold on me and not the other way around.

Regardless of whose side you choose in this little war, what do you think of the books I haven’t read in 2021? Which ones should I prioritize? Which ones am I missing? Let’s chat!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday || T5T Books I Haven’t Read in 2021

  1. YOU ARE WELCOME!! (Geez, not sure you’ll like the January prompts!!) If it helps, I haven’t read any of the above either, and I have the full Gilded Wolves trilogy on my shelves. I also haven’t read Ace of Shades or anything by Margaret Rogerson (and yes, I do own 3 copies of Sorcery of Thorns)… 😓

    1. I mean, thanks for warning me you’re gonna come after me again! 😂 Maybe you and I should attempt some kind of readathon or something. Low-key save face and no one has to know!

      1. HAHAHAHAHA… look, mostly I come after myself (why, I have no idea) and it seems like I hit a lot of people on my way down. I’m so sorry!! (Also, low key attempting to rewrite prompts right now to be less mean… hahahaha)

        1. Lol pleased don’t sweat it! I just like to exaggerate my suffering for funsies. For the Spice™, of course. 😂

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