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Top 5 Tuesday || Bookish Resolutions for 2022

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January can only mean one thing: starting fresh.

And starting fresh here at Hail & Well Read means sharing bookish resolutions for 2022! Thankfully, Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads made that a T5T topic, saving me from making a million resolutions I’ll struggle to keep. This year, it’s going to be about steady simplicity, about taking one step at a time. And, most importantly, it’s going to be about having a good time. What could be better than that?

Resolution 1: Read a Chapter a Day

Okay, so I’ve technically already broken this one due to my work schedule being a dumpster fire. But the point is to try reading one chapter a day, even if I don’t do it every single day. So far, it feels like it’s helping, especially since I’m such a “gotta read it in one sitting” reader. Coaxing myself into one chapter a day keeps me out of a reading slumps that stem from not having time to read 300+ pages in a single go!


Resolution 2: Host a Readathon

This one isn’t wholly underway yet, but I have some ideas swirling around. In fact, this one has been brewing for a little while, and it has a little something to do with the giant backlist TBR I’m sure we all have. 👀 I need to contact a friend about graphics, and figure out exactly how I’m going to run it, but I think it’ll be lots of fun to attempt!


Resolution 3: Read 50 Books

For the last two years, I’ve aimed for 75 books and failed to reach that goal. This time, we’re dialing it back, and I’m hoping that relieves some of the pressure (and chases off some of the disappointment from the last couple years as well). And if I clock 50 books early on?

Well, I don’t think I’ll add to my goal for the year. It’ll simply be nice to know I made it.


Resolution 4: Review ARCs on Time

For two years, I had never missed an ARC deadline. And then all of a sudden, I struggled badly with them! Honestly, that coincided with all things pandemic-related, so I’m not that surprised. That said, I’m hoping to get back on track with ARCs and make sure I review them before they officially release. It makes me feel good to hit deadlines, especially if I can do it early, and I like getting the word out about good books as soon as I can. Staying on task and on time is good for everyone, right?


Resolution 5: Stop Worrying About the Numbers

I think my previous blogging resolutions have been numbers focused. Gain X followers. Read Y books. And while I know I can’t quite stop myself completely from involving some numbers, I am trying to step away from any concerns with blog stats. Hail & Well Read is my beloved project, yes, but it doesn’t have to be all about how many posts I’ve made, or how many followers I have, or anything like that.

The idea is to make it harder to compare myself to others, and to spend more time enjoying what I’m posting and sharing. That’s the most valuable thing I can do for H&WR, and more importantly, for myself.


So what are your bookish resolutions for 2022? Anything new and exciting you’re trying? Any resolutions you’re tackling for a second or third time, this time with a new strategy? Let’s chat, and may we all see our 2022 goals unfold! ✨

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    1. Thank you, Meaghan! And lol there’s also the Pondathon over at The Quiet Pond, which I HIGHLY recommend. Not to break you with more readthons, but also. 😂

    1. Thanks so much, Destiny! I think I’ll try to have more readathon info in the back half of the year, unless I suddenly get hit with a bolt of genius lol.

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