Weekly Wrap || January 22nd, 2022

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January 22nd, 2022

Today’s Weekly Wrap has been written with all the coherency of a raggedy wet paper towel scrubbed into the sidewalk. I have COVID, friends. Either my metaphors are about to be a lot smarter, or a lot weirder.

Life Beyond the Blog

Here I was, all excited about doing blogging things! I even made some good resolutions to try and stand by (two of which I’ve already broken, yikes). But part time work turned into full time work turned into short-staffed full time work. And then four of the five rabbits needed to see a vet. AND THEN I needed to see a doctor.

Basically, my life is a raging dumpster fire at the moment, and only the power of our lord and savior Tylenol is keeping the fever-fueled nonsense at bay. (Side note: please don’t be, like, worried worried. I’m lucky enough to have a comparatively mild case of COVID, even if it does suck, and all four of the rabbits who saw a vet are doing well. The fifth rabbit is also doing well, too.)

In short, nothing is going as planned, but at least I don’t have to work three under-staffed Saturdays in a row? Yeah, I guess I can accept that, even if the circumstances are less than ideal.

I think this takes the cake for “reasons Meaghan hasn’t been blogging like they said they would,” doesn’t it? Wish me luck, folks. Or sudden but welcome monetary compensation. Wouldn’t say no if the universe decided to drop some money in my lap after this. Frankly, anyone who gets COVID after doing damn near everything to protect themselves deserves financial restitution. Ugh.


The Week Ahead

Everything is a mystery! As I type this, my symptoms are held at bay by Tylenol, which mostly means that I don’t know how long COVID is going to keep me out of commission. On the bright side, reading in bed is one of the easiest things I’m capable of doing right now. That means it’s possible I can make some Pondathon progress and whittle down my TBR. Yay for that, at least!

And hey, maybe I’ll even blog, especially as I get better. Wouldn’t that be a treat?

Really, though, I’m planning to take it one step at a time until I start to feel better. Hopefully by then we’ll have more staff at work, and I won’t have to launch directly back into mayhem.

And hey, when in doubt? The next Pokémon game comes out on the 28th, and the way things are going, I don’t think I’ll be back to work by then. Video game sick day it (probably) is!


I hope you’re all well and staying healthy. May you find more good books to fall in love with this week, and may all things good luck come your way!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || January 22nd, 2022

  1. oh heck, im sorry ! Take care of you, little bean xx we’ve recently got 3 covid positive at work too 😅 I slept through the cracks and nobody got it from them at work, and thanksfully everyone is having mild symptoms. Wishing you speedy recovery, and hoping you’ll feel better soon.

    1. I’m so glad to hear you’ve managed to dodge it on your end, and that everyone who did catch it is doing halfway decent! Thank you, Kristina. 💕

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